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  1. AK-74me

    Laser Lube

    I used them a few times many years ago, they were always good. Just got a new hook up or I'd still be using them.
  2. AK-74me

    New hunter? crossbow vs compound

    Join Maryland Whitetail Forum. Lots of info there to help you with your decision. Dedicated forums to both vertical and crossbows.
  3. AK-74me

    Ca$h Bash - 3rd Annual!

    Will do, you bet
  4. AK-74me

    Ca$h Bash - 3rd Annual!

    ? I bought 3 and got the fourth 1 free. I got an email way back in June about it but now I can't find the message, it had a confirmation and 4 ticket numbers. Is that all I'll get or will I be mailed physical tickets? If not how do I get admitted to the event?
  5. AK-74me

    Yotes of Somd

    My parents live near you OP, have lived there for over 40 years. My father said he saw one about 10 years ago before MD DNR said they were here so... They are here and have been in small numbers at least.
  6. AK-74me

    Hollyrock Diesel Douchebags - step in

    Never paid attention to the stickers. Now, last night I happened to see one heading past White Sands going south on rt.4. Right on cue, started dodging in and out of traffic and blowing out all that black smoke. White Chevy or GMC btw. Made me laugh.
  7. AK-74me

    AR Build

    You'll need a special wrench for the castle nut that connects the buffer to the reciever as well. Like this one, there is a build section on, you should prolly visit. TAPCO Multi-Tool AR-15 Mil-Spec Steel
  8. AK-74me

    Bow Hunting

    practice shooting with the gear you are are gonna hunt with on, shoot from extreme and awkward angles, believe me when your first buck comes in and if you hunt the rut, he will, but he won't come in perfectly you can bet that. practice some shooting out of your stand, good luck
  9. AK-74me

    What's the deal with this guy?

    he has a problem with hoarding sh t , yes he actually would not flush his own sh t at his last appt., kept it in bags until it stunk so bad he got the boot, been like this ever since.
  10. AK-74me

    Ca$h Bash - 3rd Annual!

    yup, thanks for this year's info. The cash bash was good to me last year.
  11. AK-74me


    Bought 35+ acres in KG County a few months back. There is no turning this ship(MD) around.
  12. AK-74me

    Sheriff Tim Cameron Testimony Against Gun Bill

    This is great to see. The second Sheriff was spot on. Good to know these officials are on it. MD Sheriffs testify on HB294 - YouTube
  13. AK-74me

    Best 7 minutes ever on gun control
  14. AK-74me

    85% in Maryland Back Stronger Gun Controll

    Testimony just ended a little while ago at around 4am, having gone all day and through the night. Final tally was 1,307 verbal testimonials against HB294 and 34 in favor. Many could not stay and submitted written testimony in before they left. The numbers that showed up in opposition to the...
  15. AK-74me

    Another crash...

    Hey, I am with you on that.
  16. AK-74me

    Another crash...

    I turn into the plant coming from the North as well. Not making any excuses for him, however, it is deceiving in the the dark if north bound traffic is in the turning lane to come into the plant or heading on up through the light. I mean, he shouldn't of risked it, but I have been there many...
  17. AK-74me

    thought you have everything for your G17

    Because 'Murica
  18. AK-74me

    Chris Kyle killed at Texas Gun Range

    Lost so many in the SF community lately. Not only that but, this is the 4th? that I can think of in the past month or so that was a high profile 2A proponent that has been killed under shady circumstances.
  19. AK-74me

    1 in 4 Americans say God decides Football winners

    1 in 4 Americans are brain dead, well actually more than that when you consider the amount that voted for Obama not once, but twice.
  20. AK-74me

    NRA Heckles Father of Sandy Hool victum

    Current resctrictions and laws...of course pre 1986 it was alot easier to obtain all class 3 firearms compared to now.