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  1. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can please recommend a good fridge repair person that’s not too expensive. Thank you I know it’s stupid what I need help with but my husband used to take care of all this stuff and since he’s not here any longer I’m trying to learn how to do it. Thanks for the...
  2. snowygirl

    Racist Rock on college campus
  3. snowygirl

    Harry Nice Bridge

    Anyone know the busy times for the bridge? I looked it up online but couldn’t find anything. Specifically on a Tuesday mid morning? Thanks
  4. snowygirl

    Practice flights

    So which base are the military planes flying out of tonight ? Sounds wonderful.
  5. snowygirl

    Military helicopters today

    Me and daughter saw 6 military helicopters flying over Easton this morning. Is there a base on the Eastern Shore? I know there is a national guard building over there. And before while going over the bay bridge there was a military transport convoy going west. So probably going to training? I...
  6. snowygirl

    Non working Craftsmen riding mower

    Trying to get rid of it. Plus a free wheelchair without the feet.(can’t find). I’m in PF if anyone is interested in either one.
  7. snowygirl


    Changed my mind
  8. snowygirl

    I have a question for the business owners

    I wasn’t sure where to put this, anyway. What do you as business owners look for in job applicants? I’m sure that background checks are done, but I’m wondering about things like how far back would an applicant put on the application as far as work they have done? And are references a must? What...
  9. snowygirl

    The Farm Stand

    Has anyone been to The Farm Stand on Spider Hill Farm? I go by there constantly but have never been. Thoughts?
  10. snowygirl

    Navy federal credit

    Hi I was curious what you all think of Navy Federal for CDs and savings accounts.? I looked up reviews but wanted some other opinions. Would you choose them or another credit union or even a regular bank? Thanks
  11. snowygirl

    This is pure gold its on tik tok so
  12. snowygirl

    Gun cabinet

    Anyone interested in a gun cabinet? I hope this is ok to post here. If not I’ll put it into classified.
  13. snowygirl

    Never mind

    I was able to find one
  14. snowygirl

    Taking care of disabled spouse

    Anyone here take care of a disabled spouse at home? My husband is disabled and can’t walk. I need help with him but feel bad about asking for help. Has anyone used a caregiver, even though you were home and were able to take care of the person? Who can I call and get help from? A social worker...
  15. snowygirl

    Never mind I figured it out

    Anyone else hear what sounds like a loud drilling sound or explosion? It’s drawn out and happened three times so far, make that four kinda sounds like an extremely loud jackhammer!!
  16. snowygirl

    Dish network hopper and sling

    Hi I was thinking of upgrading to the dish hopper and sling, anybody use this and would you recommend it? Thanks
  17. snowygirl

    No Nerf Gun for Christmas

    So this one little boy asked for a nerf gun for Christmas and the “Santa”told him no guns nerf or otherwise.
  18. snowygirl


    How would you feel if your adult kids didn’t acknowledge your bday? Well one of the three said happy bday so I’ll go with that.
  19. snowygirl

    St. Mary's Co. Missing person