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  1. Cali Transplant

    Prog loses her chit

    Where would she be on the "Hot Crazy Scale"?
  2. Cali Transplant

    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    Jerry's Place in Prince Frederick.
  3. Cali Transplant

    Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt

    I started watching "Kimmie" also, and wasn't impressed. Wife and I have been watching "Succession", which is pretty good.
  4. Cali Transplant


    In Lusby we're getting thundersnow!
  5. Cali Transplant

    Who hasnt heard of Hogging?

    In the Navy we called them "pig hunts". No, I never engaged in any!
  6. Cali Transplant

    Windows 11

    I upgraded my gaming laptop a few days ago. The upgrade went quickly (about 30 minutes) and the differences are relatively minor in appearance. Of course, you can customize all visual options to make it look familiar. I haven't run into ANY problems and all the stuff I had before I upgraded...
  7. Cali Transplant

    Ah Yes ... Acceptance of Gays - Next Pedo's or Incest

    Sounds like Cersei and Jaime in Game of Thrones.
  8. Cali Transplant

    They've got me rooting for Sweden

    Don't forget Nadia Comăneci, the time when everyone was actually rooting for Romania!
  9. Cali Transplant

    French PETA Insanity - Stealing a Homeless Man's Puppy

    At least the dog was returned.
  10. Cali Transplant

    More Humor...

    A Cockatoo!
  11. Cali Transplant

    McDonalds did us a favor.

    Wish we had a Steak and Shake!
  12. Cali Transplant

    Martian rock samples could bring extraterrestrial viruses to Earth, expert warns

    I remember that the Apollo astronauts returning from the moon had to be quarantined for 30 days in an airstream trailer when they returned.
  13. Cali Transplant

    COVID Outbreak on Destroyer in Carribean

    We always seemed to have a bug of some sort going around whatever ship I happened to be on....
  14. Cali Transplant

    what song are you listening to?

    Foreigner Fool for You Anyway