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    Recommendation for reliable mechanic

    that is also an inspection station. Preferably mid to north St. Mary's County.
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    Calvert closed again tomorrow - Thursday

    Who will flinch first? St. Mary's or Charles? Our neighborhoods here are crapola. Not sure if Charles did a better job clearing or not. I have not been out to see school parking lots.
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    Calvert schools closed Jan 22

    if anyone is interested. They just announced. I'm sure if Charles and St Marys close they'll wait until 5am to tell us.
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    Another forum prediction comes true

    St. Mary's planners approve area's first Sonic drive-in - Southern Maryland News Multiplex theater, now a Sonic, I guess all we need now is that go-cart track.
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    Rt 234 btwn Budds Creek and Ltown

    Who's been on it this morning? What does it look like? The boy has to be in Leonardtown at 11. It should be fine by then, right?
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    Rt 234 to Ltown - anyone on it recently

    The boy is determined to go to work. It's sleeting really nasty out there. I am not thrilled.
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    Obit comments should be disabled

    It seems people who don't have the cojones to tell someone what they think of them while living, love to put a bunch of crap on there after the person is dead. Latest example is "serious" on an obit for a "Paul Good". I know none of the people involved and yet I really want to smack the...
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    This Laptop is Playing Taps

    But maybe one of you know if its fixable. For sets of seven lines each running vertically up the screen. Flickering like they are code. If it were a single line it would mean the screen had been damaged but with what's happening I'm expecting this puppy to blow any second. Have been...
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    Accident Rt 5 Leonardtown

    Boy just called. Sitting in traffic due to an accident somewhere between Guy Distributing and the main intersection.
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    70 GOPers going against the leadership

    I thought GURPS would have this up for discussion somewhere... Revolt Among Republicans on Immigration Bill: 70 House Members Risk Careers in Planned Showdown With Leadership |
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    St Johns School evacuated

    from southernmarylandnewsnet: St. John's School in Hollywood has been evacuated, Early reports indicate that a threat of a bomb was found in the school. Police are on the scene and the fire department is staging in the area.
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    My heartstopping moment this morning

    As I go to take the dog out I notice something moving on the front porch. It's a huge fat super shiny black snake leaving the stoop. I need the :wr: smiley to truly reflect my terror at that moment. Especially since the lawn is super short but he disappeared! That can only mean he is under...
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    Next time you change your smoke alarm batteries

    better make sure its guaranteed to last 10 years. Md. law requires smoke alarm upgrades |
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    just had a huge internet burp. Now that its back up its loading some pages fine and others not at all. Anyone else having this issue?
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    So proud, must temper my boasting

    Son has gotten two scholarships so far. :yahoo: They aren't large but they will be very helpful. I am proud of him. Both organizations noted his personal essay was very impressive. Alas, he won't be at the Friday ceremonies because he is scheduled to work and his supervisor vetoed taking...
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    Reasonable plumber recommendations

    Need to find a reasonably priced plumber - not someone using me to buy their third vacation home. Definitely some sort of leak in the upstairs hall bath because I can see the water damage in the downstairs ceiling.
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    Getting rid of ground bees

    Very back of the yard - nothing but grass and maybe a little chickweed - it is suddenly swarming with bees. They chased the dog and I back into the house. I knew there were a few holes back there but given the number of rabbits and snakes I've found in the yard, I had thought the holes...
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    somd weather

    Vrai who is doing your weather? Every day wind chill factors as low as 120 below????? :killingme
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    Large red bump on my cat's head

    Started out last week really small and hard and now has progressed to visible through the fur. She doesn't seem bothered by it - no scratching or anything. Have you had this happen to your pet? I'm trying to decide if I need a vet visit.
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    Obama's Third Term

    May happen if this resolution is passed. President Obama Could get 3 Terms if H.J.Res 15 Abolishes Term Limits | Restoring Liberty Forgive me if this is a repeat. I didn't see it on the recent postings.