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  1. DaisyDuke

    DirecTV Installation

    What's involved with installation? Are they going to be drilling holes in the wall, etc? I read on the site it could take 2-5 hours.
  2. DaisyDuke

    Pediatric Opthamologist

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a opthamologist? Preferrably in St. Mary's. Thanks.
  3. DaisyDuke

    Babe Ruth vs. St. Mary's Little League

    What's the difference between the two?
  4. DaisyDuke

    Camera Repair?

    Does anyone know of a place locally that does camera repair? Thanks.
  5. DaisyDuke

    Metrocast DVR

    Anyone that uses Metrocast cable having issues with the DVR option on their box? The DVR icon is no longer in the menu. I'm able to set a recording but am unable to get to my saved shows. Anyone know?
  6. DaisyDuke


    I got vodka, but don't have anything to mix it with.....juice boxes probably aren't good huh? :ohwell:
  7. DaisyDuke

    Lunch Rant

    I wanted chips with my lunch. While I was at the vending machine, the fat guy in the back of the office says, "You really shouldn't be eating junk food out of that machine." I mean, really.....
  8. DaisyDuke

    Camera Repairs

    Is there anywhere around here that does camera repair? I'm having issues with my Canon S3 IS and the lens. It'll turn on fine, then when I use the zoom, I get an error message and the camera shuts off. I googled the issue and it seems that dirt or debris may have gotten into the lens. I've...
  9. DaisyDuke

    Updated Shovel Thread....

    Lowes is out, I just called. Anyone know of anywhere? Mine broke over the weekend. :ohwell: