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  1. Crashpupty

    Army Vet Denied Right to Own Firearm...

    Ok my take on this is they went back 42 years to find a reason, why what I would assume to be a senior now, can not buy a weapon. Really 42 years, wow, He now is elderly and is afraid of where this country is headed and only now he decides to try and buy a gun to try and protect all he has lived...
  2. Crashpupty

    Your black best friend isn’t an “Unfamiliar Black

    Wow, profiling really or just trying to better your community based on crime statistics. You should actually listen to the calls. Dispatch wants a description so a male turns into a black male not a case of profiling. When does the left stop the nonsense and address the problems they have caused...
  3. Crashpupty

    Civil Suit in Zimmerman case

    If a civil suit is filed then all the facts that were not allowed in the criminal trial would now be on the table. If so then are the race baiters ready for the real Trayvon story? I don't think it would fit well with the agenda being pushed. Everyone making a profit on this, both monetarily...
  4. Crashpupty

    Parents sue South Carolina for...

    Ward of the state....taxpayers are paying for this....who wants to adopt a kid with both sex organs.... elected to go with the cheaper route and make her a girl and give her a chance to be adopted and not a hermaphrodite on the taxpayer dole until she is 18. Blame the freaking parents that...
  5. Crashpupty

    Republicans Have 'Cartoonish' View of Military

    What else would an appointed member of the Obama admin say or the previous secretary say. They will say what they are told to say.
  6. Crashpupty

    Gig's up

    How can you trust journalists? They are not the bringers of truth they once were considered to be. This administration has employed many family members of major networks news editors. You should check into that for your own discovery. This whole thing was done to see which reporter was with...
  7. Crashpupty

    Gig's up

    REALLY, I was just ready to give up on society ( ok just the left side ) and you go and do this. Could there be others like you out there somewhere. Should I have a little hope or is this just a tease. Chicago politics have moved to the White House and it is still being practiced and preached...
  8. Crashpupty

    I thought about you when I sent this. Too funny

    I thought about you when I sent this. Too funny
  9. Crashpupty

    12yr old asks for cop's badge number

    I don't think he learned it from school....I like how he new his rights as a citizen and as a minor. He may have been coached up for this to make the police officer look bad, but he didn't pepper spray the kid or do anything to traumatize him. I really hope the kid really new his rights and the...
  10. Crashpupty

    Republicans Have Hollowed Out The Government......

    Who wants to go to a small town in Texas. How many casinos in Las Vegas or resort locations have been inspected? If I got to pick what I was going to inspect then guess where I would go.
  11. Crashpupty

    Hitler and guns...

    They had no Constitution to protect any rights. This has nothing to do with any of your ramblings If you are pro Hitler then say so. Please show me how Hitler and all he did was a benefit to society. The Jews were long time citizens till the crazy Hitler guy removed that right and made them...
  12. Crashpupty

    Hitler and guns...

    They were legal pre hitler and look what happened. The Nazi' s made them that way as illegal so the laws of Germany made them illegal. So really what is your point. Do we give a free pass or do we march illegals to the ovens because they are trulely an invading species
  13. Crashpupty

    Harris-perry: You have ‘right’ to health care, dec

    I know how else would he now about what the right said about anything. He only knows what MSNBC told him to know.
  14. Crashpupty

    Hitler and guns...

    Why in the name of heck should an Illegal have any rights, our Constitution applies to legal citizens. Illegals can fend for them selves they came with no expectation and should receive the same. The Jews were German Citizens and the government removed that right. You cannot even try to compare...
  15. Crashpupty

    Hitler and guns...

    Wow really. Read more will ya. They were all citizens to start with and had the right stripped away. Really are you that narrow minded Do you think the Jews suddenly ran to Germany to be lined up in concentration camps and killed.
  16. Crashpupty

    Harris-perry: You have ‘right’ to health care, dec

    So Fox is playing the right wing extremist eye candy show? Hmm but I can see from your post you watch the other networks and only form your opinions from MSNBC and wish they had hotter chicks. So do you mute the tv when surfing for hot chicks
  17. Crashpupty

    Harris-perry: You have ‘right’ to health care, dec

    But do you read the stuff posted by those who do or maybe just watch an edited video? There is a reason for that.
  18. Crashpupty

    Thatcher's Death - Celebrated

    Most on the right understand the constitution and are more tolerant to other views. The left could care less about the old piece of paper and only wants what they conceive as a right and damn anyone who does not agree.
  19. Crashpupty

    Harris-perry: You have ‘right’ to health care, dec

    I think you give Rush more credit than you should. Half of the people listening to Rush and Left Wingnuts that can't wait for him to say something on the radio. MSNBC gives air time to way left extremes and of course we will watch and do the same thing the left does. Rush does not represent the...
  20. Crashpupty

    Addison's Disease

    Please do not feel you caused the onset. He like my dog had it and the trigger thing I wouldn't worry about. It tends to show up at a certain adult age. Cutting nails can be stressful. With Addison's stressful situations that you know may come up our vet said to increase the pred dosage just...