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  1. stgislander

    Marvel Comics meets Army War College

    This line made me laugh.
  2. stgislander

    SCOTUS on Gerrymandering

    Not really a surprising decision. I figured it would be a stretch.
  3. stgislander

    Accessing SoMd from Overseas

    I'm thinking this question was asked before. When I attempt to access from overseas I receive any number of cannot reach site errors. The strange thing is I can reach the forums (obviously), but none of the other pages. Any suggestions?
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    I sure hope the Navy gets this one right.
  5. stgislander

    Catfish Anyone?

    That's some good eatin' right there.
  6. stgislander

    Chevy Blazer = Sexy Mom Car

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  7. stgislander

    Coup in Venezuela?

    Looks like it is getting real in Venezuela this morning. Have to wait and see what the majority of the military decides to do.
  8. stgislander

    DW Retiring from Broadcasting

    Hallelujah there is a God. :yahoo: I wish he'd take Michael with him. Those two are the worst part of watching the races on Fox.
  9. stgislander

    "Casting" with Chromecast

    Has anyone ever used Google Chrome and Chromecast to "cast" a PC desktop to multiple locations within a building? Is it easy to do?
  10. stgislander

    MD Political Parties

    I received a letter today from the St. Mary's County Board of Elections stating that the Libertarian Party of MD is no longer recognized by the State. It gave me five options to affiliate with another party. Those five are: Democrat Republican Bread and Roses Unaffiliated Other Party. My...
  11. stgislander

    Foreign Language vs. Programming Language

    We don't really have a sub-folder for Education so I put this here. I'm not sure I agree with this. I believe a well rounded education should involve some minimal exposure to foreign languages. Besides, I figure tech oriented kids are going to take programming courses anyway...
  12. stgislander

    They're back!

    Saw my first Osprey this morning sitting in a nesting box on the island.
  13. stgislander

    Canada cries uncle?

    Sounds like the Canadian marine industry can't take the trade war anymore.
  14. stgislander

    Recreational fishing assoc against Atlantic coast offshore windfarms

    Let's see how much pull they have.
  15. stgislander

    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    There are stories being published about the issues getting the new Real ID compliant drivers licenses from MVA. Especially people needing to order new Social Security cards. The instructions from MVA state that one can use a W-2 form in lieu of a Social Security card as proof of Social...
  16. stgislander

    Marine Industry Jobs

    This is a feel good story about a local young man willing to start at the bottom. Anyone that follows the marine industry knows that there are jobs to be had out there. The trade rags are always full of ads looking for people. And training programs like this one in MD abound...
  17. stgislander

    No Natural Gas Pipeline across MD It's not like there aren't any natural gas pipelines already in MD. My BIL in Garrett Co. gets a check every year from Texas Eastern for their pipeline running unders his farm.
  18. stgislander

    State legislators call for health insurance down payment plan

    It looks like Annapolis will attempt (again) to enact their version of the Individual Mandate at the state level.
  19. stgislander

    Greg Gutfeld

    I went to check Greg Gutfeld's YouTube channel, and was met with the following banner. :lol:
  20. stgislander

    2019 MD Health Insurance Premiums

    With Open Enrollment just around the corner, has anyone heard yet what they are expecting their 2019 premiums to be? CareFirst is still only showing the 2018 plans on their website.