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  1. Stovebolt

    Caregiver resources in So MD?

    Are there any that are actually useful in St Mary's County? So far, I've found a few, but ...
  2. Stovebolt

    Clock repair in So. MD?

    Is there anyone in So. MD capable of repairing a Chelsea Ship's Bell?
  3. Stovebolt

    Golden Beach Parade?

    Would anyone know where I can find out more information about a parade in Golden Beach? Thanks!
  4. Stovebolt

    Local Mennonite Schools

    As everyone prepares for the beginning of the school year, and MAYBE you're cleaning out some old school supplies from last year, can you keep in mind our local Mennonite schools? We just took over a box of scrap paper (one side still good for writing), some steno books that were half full...
  5. Stovebolt

    Share those DVD's

    Just wanted to remind folks that if you all are cleaning out before school starts, considering donating your old DVD, CD and VHS tapes to the local library. You'll get a clean space and our library will grow their resources!! Plus, if we keep sending them our good stuff (which we can...
  6. Stovebolt

    Free Belgians

    I need some help finding a good new home for my boys -- a matched pair of 18h-plus late-teens Belgians who are in excellent health, drive very well and are parade broke. They are NOT pullers and I will not give them to anyone interested in pulling contests. They are experienced show and parade...