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  1. Crashpupty

    Pet store pups

    for those who think mall pet stores are where you should get a dog. - Why you should never buy a puppy from **ANY** pet store I can't fathom the horror these dogs go through at such an early age. That is the time of developing them into well balanced members of our family's.
  2. Crashpupty

    lost dog

    Found dog I found a Pit dodging traffic on route 4 St. Marys side of the bridge near Kingston Creek Rd. It is a black and white female very friendly. If this is your dog or you know someone that is looking for it please call 240-298-5187. She did not have a collar and is not chipped.
  3. Crashpupty

    Cat in need of a home

    I have a neighbor who has a cat that needs a good home. His daughter moved back in with her mom and can't take it with her because mom's new boyfriend is allergic and so is my neighbor. The cat is 1 years old, neutured and litter box trained. It is an inside cat only and lives in a bedroom and...