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    Hilarious home renovation fails

    Hilarious home renovation fails Since we all need a laugh
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    Traffic Rant Traffic Rant of the Day (can we get a sticky?)

    Driving north this morning I saw something at gate 2 I just had to laugh about - not so much get angry or "rant". But felt the incident was worth sharing, for the irony. Anyway, can we just save time and sticky this so it can be used on a more or less daily if not sooner basis? I'm waiting...
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    This Is the Worst Place to Commute from in the United States

    Oh look, we made the news Worst Place to Commute from in the United States
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    Here’s How Telemarketers Keep Getting Your Number The war is stacked against us. An infinite number of ways they can get your number and almost no way to identify them because the phone companies allow them to...
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    Game warden turns in prospective Bumble match for illegal hunting

    that't the headline on the story. Rather humorous. A game warden mingling on the dating app Bumble busted a potential romantic match for...
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    Crime Slow Day?

    nuf said
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    ISO Information Young singles

    I remember having this discussion with a people I knew, both from work and from the kids school One of the problems in recruiting teachers was what do young single teachers do in their off time (besides grade papers). Same applied to engineers and other people on base - I say engineers and...
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    ISO Information Best Selection / Price on Spirits in mid=St. Mary's or Lusby , Solomons

    That about says it all. Which store in the Leonardtown, south to Great Mills, LP, California, Hollywood on the St. Mary's side or Lusby, Solomons on the Calvert side. Not to impressed with some of the stores, limited selection and the prices are high compared to the suggested retail you see on...
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    Red Light Caqmeras (sorry, yet again)

    I saw this on the old news feed today and found the headline intriguing so I clicked. A traffic ticket dispute in Oregon turns into a bigger fight over free-speech rights...
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    ISO Information 235 & Maple Rd. DEC 13 AM

    Seemed like too many cops there for a simple light out. Maple Rd seemed to be blocked off. Anybody know what was going on besides a malfunctioning traffic signal?
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    I would like to thank...

    Former Governor Paris Glendenning and his "smart" growth policies. Former St. Mary's County Commissioners and land use planners State Highway Administration personnel, both former and current You have succeeded in changing 235 between Great Mills Road and Airport Road into another...
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    If you are done arguing about Monuments

    I got one that is sure to set some people off. Not being a lifelong Marylander or maybe it's just SOMD, I don't understand the rules of the road. I see these signs posted on the shoulder and arrows on the ground, they indicate that the lane (Right / Left) must Turn. But I see vehicles...
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    Local Business Ale House (Lexington Park)

    Saw the sign on 235 tonight and wondered... Has it opened? If so, has anybody been there that would care to describe the business? Outside of the announcement that they were going into that location I have no idea if it's just a bar or if it's 101 brews on tap not ending in Light or Lite.
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    Traffic Rant with two titles

    Title 1. To the ignorant skank in the gold toyota minivan. Title 2. The total package of ignorance You can't accelerate to even close to the speed limit, you side with two wheels in the shoulder of the road and then you ignorant ass, you don't come to a stop at the red light, you just...
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    POLL: What impact does "the bridge" have on your decision to do business in the other county

    For those living in the portions of St. Mary's and Calvert Counties that are near the Thomas Johnson Bridge. Do you consider traffic delays, either planned or accidents, on the bridge in making a decision on where you will go shopping and dining out?
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    My MD 235 Driving Journal - Not PC

    I think I'll log the most notorious incidents of the day on MD RT 235 Today: Southbound at Maple Ave: As I approached the light I noticed the big white (late model) SUV in the right most left turn lane make a U turn and enter Chipotle. Why this was so unusual was that the left turn...
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    In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided
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    Did someone get their panties in a bunch today

    Because they asked a question and got answers they didn't like? I seem to recall posting a response to a question that is no longer on the board and my history has no record of that reply. Just wondering.... :confused:
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    Friday Monring, Rt 235 (southbound) at Sheetz

    Has there been anything posted on the details of the incident (accident)? I've heard stories that the body was removed well before 8AM but the road was still closed.