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  1. RareBreed

    Laptop for College

    Son is graduating HS this year and we'd like to gift him a laptop to use at college. Neither my husband or I are very tech savvy so what would you recommend? Just a good one for doing papers and whatnot. TIA
  2. RareBreed

    Laptop for College

    Son is graduating HS this year and we'd like to gift him a laptop to use at college. Neither my husband or I are very tech savvy so what would you recommend? Just a good one for doing papers and whatnot. TIA
  3. RareBreed

    My MIL got scammed

    Got a call from my MIL asking me if I knew where my 18 year old son was. Technically since he was no longer going to school since Seniors got let out last Friday, I really didn't. She said that he just called her from Mexico City and had been arrested. Well, I knew darn well that was a lie and...
  4. RareBreed

    Online Flower Scam

    Anyone else order flowers for Mother's Day from either 1-800 Flowers or FTD Flowers and get calls saying there were issues with the order and requesting you make another order? It happened to both me and my mom. My mom got a call from FTD Flowers inquiring about her order but they gave a...
  5. RareBreed

    PNC Bank in Owings robbed

    Got an alert on my phone saying a white male in his 60's armed with a handgun. Red plaid shirt driving white Ford pick up truck with white cap over the bed NB Rt 4.
  6. RareBreed

    ACLT- Hance-Chesley Cemetery

    Came across this on my trail walk yesterday. Heard about it and wanted to see it for myself. Very creepy yet cool, especially since the Hance Family is still pretty well known in Calvert Co. Found this info about the cemetary online. Just off the Swamp Trail, the Hance-Chesley Cemetery is...
  7. RareBreed

    Accident on Rt 4 near Wentworth's (Calvert Co)

    Any news website reporting details about this accident yesterday around 7pm. Person going northbound in the southbound lanes. Almost my son head-on going 50+mph. Son went onto the shoulder/grass area but person ended up hitting a pick-up head on. Son said at least one person dead.
  8. RareBreed

    National Side Chick Day

    February 15th... who is celebrating today??? :shocking:
  9. RareBreed

    Help with Scentsy / Yankee Candle product

    I am not into candles or warmers but was given two by somebody that I'd like to regift. I know you use a wax product but not sure which type I need to buy. Nothing was included with mine. I have attached pictures of the two I got. I am not a cat person so no idea why these are the two the person...
  10. RareBreed


    Interested in hearing from anyone who uses the Peapod delivery service or one similar. What are the benefits of getting your groceries delivered rather than just going to the store? I can't quite say that I am so busy that grocery shopping once a week is too much and I need it delivered. Only...
  11. RareBreed


    Brother found this at his house in Ft Myers, FL. Is it a boa constrictor? He didn't kill it.
  12. RareBreed

    Tax Returns for Teen

    Son had a part-time job over the summer and wants to file taxes this year to get money back. What forms are required? 1040EZ, I know. What else?? TIA
  13. RareBreed

    Calvert Co Schools Closed

    Just got the alert!
  14. RareBreed

    Weis in Lusby

    I don't normally go there unless I am just getting 1-2 things. Stopped in last Sunday and saw they now have Security Guards at the entrance/exit. Anyone know why? Too many shop-lifters? Did they get robbed?
  15. RareBreed

    Calvert Co Schools Closed

    Thread needs to be updated. Revised: After re-evaluating conditions, CCPS is now closed on Wednesday, January 17 2018. 12 mo. staff report on time (Code Green).
  16. RareBreed

    Xfinity Internet with DirecTV??

    We are tired of dealing with our Verizon DSL and are interested in switching to Comcast Xfinity. Can you use Xfinity for internet if you have DirecTV or do you need to switch your TV over to Comcast too? Looking at Comcast's website, it "looks" like you can have DTV for TV and Xfinity for...
  17. RareBreed

    Hey! I'm not :wr: !!

    She always has the craziest, "this could only happen to her" type moments. I had my own today on my drive into work. Driving northbound on RT 4 about 4:20am, there was a pretty mangled deer laying half on the shoulder and half on the road. I didn't think much of it other than it was in...
  18. RareBreed

    Am I crazy??

    I have been doing the same job since 1994. Day in and day out for 23 years. A new position became available within the same company. I applied. Got to Phase 2 which is a long background questionnaire. Reading over it, they wanted to know all sorts of stuff completely unrelated to the job like...
  19. RareBreed

    Landline Providers

    We have pretty much had it with Verizon. It seems like once a month we lose our phone and internet. The outage typically lasts 3-5 days at a time. It's getting unacceptable. What other providers are there for Southern Calvert Co that won't break the bank? We want to keep DirecTV but need...
  20. RareBreed

    Child Found in Lusby

    Just got a Nixle alert saying a child was found and needs to be identified. Child found in Lusby. If anyone can ID this child please contact Det. Wells at 443-684-1340 ASAP. Address/Location Calvert County Sheriff's Office 30 Church St Prince Frederick, MD 20678