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    Wow, did anyone else feel that earthquake?
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    Gas smell

    Overwhelming smell of natural gas up by dominion lng. Hope it's not a leak, can't believe it's normal.
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    Lusby Loonies

    Gotta love the throw-back hippies and enviro-nuts coming out of their safe-spaces to protest Dominion LNG. Trump makes a grand trade agreement to export LNG (amongst other equities), and the nut jobs come out today to protest (if you call it that). Three aged and perplexed people, loitering at...
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    Recovery ship

    What's the big ship doing parked over the WW2 German sub up the Patuxent? Someone recovering the sunken sub?
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    Traffic Rant 235 lights

    How do you get the mva to assess traffic light timing on 235 during the am n pm traffic? And fix it!
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    ISO Information oldtime bars

    Trying to remember bars from the 80s and 90s south of leonardtown and north of ridge on route 5. Was monks always monks? What were the names thur time of the black eyed susan/ark n dove? Was there rendvouz?
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    Ya know why batman couldnt go fishing? robin ate all the worms!
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    Youthful Rifle Caliber

    Anyone have recommendations on a good rifle caliber for a preteen/teen getting into deer hunting? Hunting use will probably be from 50 out to 250 yards. I'm looking for something that will support him from now (age 12) up to young adult (18) when he can start shooting heavier calibers.
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    Solomon's Rec

    Anyone now what's going on at the Solomon's Rec facility? Three companies of fire trucks and equipment headed there this morning, including Advanced life support vehicles.
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    Hilton Gardens on fire?

    Hilton in solomons on fire?
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    Yellow work trucks

    Anyone know why a dozen or so yellow and black work trucks are parked at the old foodlion in Solomons? Several of them have texas plates.
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    Yotes of Somd

    Went outside mid day Saturday and saw the scrawniest coyote standing in my neighbors yard. I live in lusby near the lng plant and didnt know coyotes had made it this far south. Got a good look at it with binoculars and it wasnt a fox.
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    Alien Duck Ponds

    What is this? Hint - its on the eastern shore of MD.
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    Mecury OB Mechanic

    I'm looking for a good mechanic to get my Mecury 4.5hp OB running. Prefer someone in Southern Calvert county or St. Mary's mid-county. Any recommendations?
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    Walked out of my garage this morning and spooked a nice sized deer that already had about 12" of antler growth. Isn't it alittle early in the season for deer to already be growing their new antlers?
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    Mercury outboard repair

    I've got an old Mercury 4.5hp outboard that I can't get to run. I'm looking for a good mechanic that can tune it up or basically get it running again. I live in Southern Calvert County, so I'm most interested in someone in that local area.
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    Calvert County Sheriff Candidates

    Looking for thoughts on the various Sheriff candidates for Calvert County. Concerned about the apparent increases in crime activity, especially in the southern end of the county. Also concerned about the apparent lack of convictions for those crimes in which arrests are made. Are...