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    Metrocast / Atlantic Broadband - New speeds to ultra tier are here

    No change in upload, but it looks like download has been bumped up to 200 Mbps. Power Cycle your modems and it should appear soon.
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    Metrocast Sold to Cogeco (Atlantic Broadband)

    Cogeco to buy MetroCast assets for $1.4 billion to expand in the U.S.
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    New Metrocast Speeds in January - 150/15 and 50/5

    Just got a my bill and notice of the speed upgrades. Extra cost is 3$ a month for both Ultra and Turbo.
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    Metrocast being sold to Comcast?

    I just heard some rumors about this and was wondering if it was true? I thought the whole reason Comcast didnt own our county already was because they didnt want to get hit by anti-monopoly rules. (However Verizon Fios just recently expanded into other parts of this county, so maybe they dont...
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    Trees cleared at Wilderness Rd/Rt 5

    Anyone know the details of whats being built? I assume another housing complex?
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    Utility work along Rt 5 in Great Mills?

    Yesterday I noticed along the southbound lanes of Rt5 from about King's Christian Academy down to Dysons, cones were setup in the break down lane and they appeared to be doing utility work. Also saw a big spool of black cable. Anyone know what the project is?
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    Recommendations for deck cleaning / refinishing

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a deck cleaning and refinishing service that operates in the Leonardtown area? Thanks