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    Schiff is delusional no one Important EVER went to jail for a Campaign Finance Violation

    Maybe members of congress who have used public money to settle sexual harassment claims should go to jail. It was not campaign funds, it was Trump's money. Do I think paying a woman to stay silent about an affair is right? No, but I don't see how it's illegal, well her violating a...
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    Another "Trump was right" moment

    I think that there is going to be a violent explosion in this country. The socialist don't really believe in free speech, they believe they should be able to say what they want and when someone responds they want that person in jail for hate speech. They also believe the end justifies the...
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    Jussie went down to Georgia

    don't you love it, she wanted to label him a Trumpster and he's like, I'm Cuban, not white you ass and oh by the way, I'm a Democrat. I think he's sticking to his story about calling her a biatch or something. He admits he told her off. Never mess with the old folks.
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    What a Pal!

    not quite, he was caught nearby, Kennedy went back to the party, didn't even bother to call it in. Between the alcohol and the collision with the pole his brain probably was scrambled a bit, so he may not have been thinking clear and just was wandering. That doesn't excuse the crash that was...
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    Cultural Enrichment

    you just don't know, it's California, the charge was "assault on a child resulting in death", not murder. We don't know if that's life sentence or a couple of years. If ICE issues a detainer they might just release them.
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    Looks like Iran is getting ready to play..,,..

    Tend to agree with Yooper, a game to drive the US out of the region and to put pressure on the US to release the sanctions. They know they couldn't win in a conventional war, so they are going back to the terrorist tactics, a pseudo guerrilla war, small strikes to bleed the US one pin prick at...
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    If / when you go to sell your home leased systems can be a problem for some mortgage companies. I believe the VA or FHA won't write a mortgage if the system is leased. Before jumping in, check all aspects of the deal, not just the savings, but the impact on your home's resale value and any...
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    Looks like Iran is getting ready to play..,,..

    Tough tittty is do you want to fight a multi front war with two or more nuclear armed enemies? Just saying, you don't think the Iranians are acting tough because they think they can whoop our ass? Will be interesting to see what Oman and Saudi Arabia do, since the two vessels hijacked were...
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    Looks like Iran is getting ready to play..,,..

    I hope you know that Iran has updated their air defense system with both Russian and Chinese supplied equipment. Which means there are probably both Russian and Chinese nationals in Iran working on that equipment. If any NATO country launches on Iran, you could expect a response from Russia and...
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    I don't think the letter was from SMECO, it did say you would be keeping SMECO. Filed it the recycling bin, don't trust third party letters like that. Seemed more like a way to either get a piece of your bill or force SMECO into some deal.
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    Puerto Ricos Chaos

    Same reason they don't want statehood, money. Good and bad, I think they found economically being a state is worse.
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    Want Some Historical Perspective? Here You Go....

    More exact, the special interest group is their own personal interest in gaining more power and influence. Social media has given them a forum for self promotion that didn't exist in 1936. You now have generations raised on the idea that if it feels good you should be able to do it, class envy...
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    A Very Long Post On Ilhan Omar's Personal Immigration Story (Potential Misdeeds & Misstatements)

    David Steinberg must be a racist or jewish, in either case he should be doxed and harassed into exile. Allah forbid you should call into question one of the great ones.
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    Disabled, Retired Officers Ordered To Return To Work Or Lose Their Pensions

    actually if you work for the federal government I believe they can. All it requires is a vote and a signature and they can pretty much do as they wish.
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    Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People's Faces And Names

    The app is by far worse as those that have access are outside the control of our laws. At least with the FBI there is some recourse and now that congress is aware, hopefully they can stop trying to impeach Trump and deal with real issues. * That's a shoutout to the assclown who has been trying...
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    Disabled, Retired Officers Ordered To Return To Work Or Lose Their Pensions

    agreed, the government signed the contract and should be held to that contract unless the retiree wishes to waive their claim. Knowing a few LEO, wear and tear on the body hits the point where they really can't perform as a patrol officer. Why people think officers really want to have a physical...
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    Illinois woman stabbed boyfriend’s ...

    The new style, a Bobbit
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    Media bias

    Look up the name Daniel Riffle, adviser to one Rep Cortez. Media doesn't report on him. No, they defend the 4 stooges as not socialist, well they are correct, they are not socialists, they are flat out communist when you espouse taking away the resources from the private sector to have them...
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    Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People's Faces And Names

    guess we have just been educated. Maybe that training we joke about isn't so stupid.