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    National Email SPAM day

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this is National Email SPAM Day. I must have gotten 50 Black Friday special emails, and it’s not over either with Cyber Monday coming up. I don’t mind the Small Business Saturday ones though, but c’mon Amazon.....
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    Leaf management time....

    Lalalalala. Running the blower. I really like the backpack blower we have, gets the job done faster. Price of living in the middle of a forest, oh well....
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    Newsies are FROTHING at the mouth

    OMG. The news media folks are loving this election. Endless talk, talk, talk. They say something. They then get some bozo to repeat what they said. Then hey, let’s say it again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Cut to commercial. Election night coverage is going to be ultimately...
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    Birthright citizenship must stop

    The current interpretation of the 14th amendment is nuts. Cross the border, have a kid, and the kid magically is a US citizen. This forms the basis of one of the most attractive reasons to illegally enter the USA. Few other countries allow this. The misinterpretation of the clause in the...
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    Split a cow?

    Pondering buying some meat at auction from one of the fairs. Probably a cow but maybe a hog. It’s a lot of meat though! Perhaps a deal could be made to split a cow or pig? We live in Calvert so I’m thinking g the Calvert fair. I’m fairly clueless on how it all works and the economics of...
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    Walmart fire in PF

    Calvert scanner with unusually large response to a fire at Walmart in Prince Frederick.
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    OHMYGERD is gonna snow and we’re all GONNA DIE

    It’s that time of year, time for the ritual of stocking up on bread, milk, TP, and beer. Talked to the PAX weather office guys, they are now saying “1-3 inches on the ground but a quick melt off” with a bit more on the north side / Calvert. That said, they also say that the freezing line is...
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    Rainy day dinner

    Giant had fat ol’ whole roasting chickens. Roast chicken (soup tomorrow!), butternut squash, stuffing, and mix veggies. Some comfort food tonight, oh yeah. Netflix n’ chill later.
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    I want a Tesla

    Would love to get a Model X. To much money though. Drove a Model S... It is an amazing car. Model 3 unveil at 11:30 tonight. It'll be interesting to see what they say. Supposed to be a 35k car, but details are not available now... Like is that before or after the "free government money"...
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    SMOWING for the last time

    Well, here we go! SMOWING, and sticking on the grass, here in Lusby. Should be our last dose of the white stuff for the year, hopefully!
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    Calvert scanner is busy

    Working house fire off Dowell rd, SUV vehicle fire up at the 2/4 split, fire truck stuck, many vehicle assist calls, multiple vehicle off the road calls. Scanner be hopping. Dowell rd east of Curtis Rd shut down.
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    Scanner follies

    It is a great day to try out the new scanner page! It is hopping pretty good with goof ball SOMD snow driving calls today.
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    Cold and SMOWING

    Gonna be extra cold tonight. Latest forecast I have seen says 8F. Plus the wind is supposed to be howling. It is SMOWING now in Lusby, coming down pretty good. The ground is frozen and the temp is 22F, so it is sticking. About 1/4 inch so far. I don't expect a lot but it is making the...
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    2A appellate courts rule MD lower court ruling needs review

    A federal appeals court on Thursday struck down Maryland’s 2013 ban on so-called "assault weapons" and high-capacity magazines. The ruling in this NRA-supported case sends a clear message to governments that try to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms! This sends the case back to the...
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    Waugh introduces 2A carry permit reciprocity bill

    From Waugh's web site: Handgun permits - Universal Recognition Specifying that a permit to carry a handgun issued to an individual in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., or West Virginia is valid in Maryland. These states all have requirements nearly identical to ours: no...
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    Looking at the Weather Underground forecast, maybe some smow? The temps are too warm really for a "decent" smow, probably just "wintery mix", unless it last into the evening hours. In any case it is gonna be pretty cold for the next few days. But feel free to strip the grocery store shelves...
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    Leaf management

    I have spent the last two days running the leaf blower. Gak. 1. It is leaf relocation, not removal. Leaves never go away. 2. It is futile, in so much as more leaves are gonna fall tomorrow, where you move them away from. 3. It is futile, as more leaves will grow next year. 4. Tip...
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    Wallops sounding rocket launch tonight 7-9pm

    Might be a very cool one to watch, the rocket will release barium and other stuff to make a possibly pretty plume. Between 7 and 9 pm. If anyone locates a launch webcast site please post.
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    Sheriff Cameron struck by firetruck Reported taken to hospital with leg injuries. Sure hope he is ok! Pretty cool that the "top cop" would pitch in and work the accident scene like that. // joking mode on // Hmmm... Maybe a little...
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    And Leaf Management begins.

    Fired up the backpack leaf blower for the first leaf management session. On the bright side, it DOES make a cold beer taste good. Backpack style leaf blowers are awesome. Beats handhelds cold, quieter, seems to me, too.