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  1. tuffenuff2

    Zip trip have a lost dog

    Watching fox5 zip trip this morning. They have found a beautiful dog who was wandering around. It's some kind of red speckled hound with a shock collar and red white and blue bandana.
  2. tuffenuff2

    Assisted walker for family

    Our Uncle is coming from Texas to see the Vietnam war memorial that has his friend's names on it. He's signed up for a tour but may need a walker just to assist. Does anybody have one we could borrow or rent?
  3. tuffenuff2

    Flooring company versus general contractor ?

    Water had been leaking in around our back door - unbeknownst to us. Two weeks ago the linoleum had a hole in it. My husband pulled it back and found the wood had rotted in two places right next to the joists. He was going to try and fix it himself but realized it was too big a job for his...
  4. tuffenuff2

    Tiki Bar, Solomons

    Drove past it yesterday and it is now open and called Island Sushi.
  5. tuffenuff2

    Cell phone coverage.

    We are looking at switching from Verizon to T-mobile because Verizon keeps dropping out on us down here and T- mobile has a great military plan with unlimited overseas options for traveling. Does anybody have any experience with T- mobile down here in St.Marys.
  6. tuffenuff2

    Free pears!!!!

    Our two pear trees have produced an abundance of Bartlett pears this year. I do not can or make jam so if anybody would like free pears please please come and help yourself. They are 100% pesticide free and chemical free. There is a wheelbarrow full at the moment and that's only 2\3 of one...
  7. tuffenuff2

    Power washing recommendation

    Normally I am the one looking for a recommendation here but this time I would like to recommend someone. I had been looking for someone to power wash our house since June. I had several quotes but everybody was busy because it is the season for power washing. I came across this person through a...
  8. tuffenuff2

    Electrician needed

    We are getting a new air conditioner/heatpump installed and need the breaker swapped out for a 25 amp double pole. Any recommendations?
  9. tuffenuff2

    Cafe des Artistes is going to be Dos Amigos.

    Drove past the old Cafe des Artistes today and saw a sign in the window saying" Dos Amigos, opening soon. "
  10. tuffenuff2

    Harry Nice bridge closed to all traffic

    The bridge is completely closed. There are police at the Aqualand/ gas station blocking the road.
  11. tuffenuff2

    How can I stop phone calls?

    For the past two days I have been getting calls from this same woman by the name of Avery from a homeowners association with 3 things I need to know about my house. The first call came yesterday morning from a Leonardtown number I didnt recognize so I didnt answer well then she called right...
  12. tuffenuff2

    Petsitter/housesitter needed.

    We are going out of town from June 7th until the afternoon of June 17th. We have 4 dogs, 3 cats, an iguana and several fish. We are looking to have someone responsible, reliable, non-smoker, non-partier with references to stay in our home and look after our animals and to clean up after them- ie...
  13. tuffenuff2

    El Dorado, LaPlata

    Went to have dinner at El Dorados in LaPlata last night only to find that they are now closed. Went to Bollywood Masala instead. It was absolutely delicious!
  14. tuffenuff2

    Kevin's corner cafe old Willows

    Drove past the old Willows restaurant and saw a new sign there for Kevin's corner cafe. Hope it is a success.
  15. tuffenuff2

    Sranger Things

    Really enjoying watching this on Netflix. It's almost like an 80's campy Stephen King horror. Lots of amusing errors and nods to other movies. Reminds me of the Goonies a bit.
  16. tuffenuff2

    Diverticulitis surgery

    Has anyone had surgery to remove diverticulitis ? My husband has diverticulitis and has been told hat he needs to have surgery o remove he affected area. He is very reluctant to go through with it after hearing about the possible side-effects and one horror story. Has anyone had a positive...
  17. tuffenuff2

    Potential store closings .Quite a few down south.
  18. tuffenuff2


    We have had AT&T for years but we are paying a huge amount of money and would like to reduce our bill. We have been in touch with T- mobile and they seem a lot cheaper. I did a quick search on old posts and saw that coverage can be spotty but the post was from years ago. Is it better now? Any...
  19. tuffenuff2

    Tv freezes on Redfin commercial

    I know there is another thread on televisions freezing on certain commercials but I couldn't find it. My tv has started freezing when the Redfin commercial is on. It doesn't happen everytime but when it does it is so annoying!!!!!
  20. tuffenuff2

    Programming car key remotes

    Our sons remotes are dead so we bought him new ones for Christmas. Well, apparently we didn't read the fine print and we need to take them to the dealer or have a locksmith program them. Does anyone know roughly how much a locksmith would charge to do this?