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  1. General Lee

    What is everyone doing in this heat?

    Piddlin' is what I'm doing. Doing what is absolutely necessary outdoors for as little as possible and then moping around. I should straighten up the garage, there is AC out there but I don't feel like it, Lol.
  2. General Lee

    Local car accidents

    I know a lot here visit smnewsnet and the baynet which both post the daily crashes in southern Maryland. We all know crashes occur everywhere but the amount and severity that occur in southern Maryland, particularly in St. Mary's is flat out ridiculous. I have no words other than its just flat...
  3. General Lee

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Damn it, I've had enough. Months of pain. Cortisone shot only gave relief for a month or so. Has anyone found something that helps? Please share
  4. General Lee

    Loving the new ignore feature.....

    That is all, carry on.....😁
  5. General Lee


    Anyone know why he isn't posting anymore?
  6. General Lee

    Quails ?

    Anyone know who may sell Quails in Southern MD?
  7. General Lee


    Placed indirect on the charcoal grill with hickory and cherry for smoke, finished over high heat
  8. General Lee

    Lord Have Mercy....

  9. General Lee

    Ignore needs to be upgraded

    The current ignore option is useless. If I want to ignore someone, I don't want to see their ignorant name and the threads they start at all. All the current ignore option does now is block the thread message, not even the title. Ignore means Ignore. We shouldn't have to still see these fools...
  10. General Lee

    Lets talk washing machines

    I caved and got top load, HE washer with no agitator post. In order to get a decent size wash tub you gotta go with these new front load / top load HE washers and none have an agitator post. There are so many mixed reviews on the operation of these things, whether they clean clothes well...
  11. General Lee

    Flag at Potomac Speedway Well at first I wanted to commend the property owner for exercising his 1st Amendment right, but now I'm disappointed the flag(s) were removed. It was on your own property, you shouldn't have to bow to...
  12. General Lee

    Looking for recommendations for a heavy machine operator

    I need some bulldozer work, can anyone recommend a company that has those services? Its a fairly small job.
  13. General Lee

    RAW feeders

    Anywhere to find green tripe?
  14. General Lee

    Wide spread electrical outage in the wee hours of the night

    About 0142 through 0200. Large portion of the county affected from Leonardtown north. Grid is being tested.......
  15. General Lee

    The little green B*sta**ds are back

    What is up with these inch worms? Same as last year. I am literally swarmed with them. Millions upon millions, constantly walking through silk webs, worm poop on everything and even sounds like its lightly raining in the woods from the crapping. There numbers are not normal.
  16. General Lee

    Economy RV

    Anyone have any input about them? Its the RV dealer in Mechanicsville.
  17. General Lee

    Raised garden beds

    Hey folks, What are you all using to frame your raised garden beds? I'd rather not use treated wood for obvious reasons. Any good sources for 2x cedar or perhaps hemlock? Figured I check with the Amish mills.
  18. General Lee

    Bonus Ignore Feature

    If you have someone on ignore, it would be a plus not to be able to see their thread headline. You can't the read the post but can see their topic title :boo:
  19. General Lee

    Cord's Cabinetry

    Anyone have anything about their workmanship, professionalism, etc? I'm checking them out for new counter tops. Any experiences you've had with them please share.
  20. General Lee

    Number 3.... Makes you wonder whats coming

    Exit another fighting gen. -