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  1. OmyGawd

    Iso yard equipment repair

    Looking for someone to repair yard equipment in Lusby. Would prefer someone close by, commute to DC everyday and getting stuff to places is hard to do during business hours. Appreciate any information I can get.
  2. OmyGawd

    Roads in CRE?

    It seems that the roads in CRE are still not completely cleared (hills still icy with little or no sand/salt on them) and that is to be expected. But when those roads include the main arteries (Thunderbird, Catalina, Gunsmoke etc) there seems to be a big disconnect. It has been mentioned that...
  3. OmyGawd

    Rewritten minutes - CRE

    If minutes of an elected board are posted and then withdrawn, is that an illegal act? Once they are posted and become a permanent record are they allowed to be withdrawn and rewritten to sit the needs of that particular elected board? If they are approved by the board do they not become part...
  4. OmyGawd

    Volunteerism - CRE style

    Can someone explain to me why the BOD is always screaming for volunteers and yet when some do so they are turned away? Volunteering for this place is so damn hard because volunteers are supposed to follow the party line, no dissenting opinions are allowed. Shame on you for talking on the...