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    Israel blocks Omar, Tlaib from entering country
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    Woodstock - 50 years

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    Oopsie! :lmao:
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    A New Yorker Called Her Wifi “oldbayseasoning”

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    El Paso shooting suspect's mom says she called police with concern about rifle son owned: report

    Chris Ayres, an attorney for Crusius' family, told The Associated Press the suspect's mother contacted the Allen Police Department regarding misgivings she had about a rifle Crusius had. Texas teen remembered by family and friends after El Paso shooting Ayres told CBS News there was...
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    'I'm not your mama'

    :roflmao: :killingme :roflmao:
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    No Judgement Zone?
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    'Snow White' gravestone surfaces in Germany

    Cool story!
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    Those Peaceful Protestors
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    Woman who stole ketchup bottles from NJ restaurant wracked with guilt; returns 2 new bottles to owner

    @kwillia What have you done? :lol:
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    2020 sweepstakes: Dem candidates compete to give away billions in taxpayer $$

    What could possibly go wrong?
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    Bad Luck!?! LMAO!!!
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    8chan offline after internet company Cloudflare pulls support for 'cesspool of hate'
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    Japanese scientists plan to create human-mouse hybrids

    The real Island of Dr. Moreau... :yikes:
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    Google Summit

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    Blinded by the Light

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    Maff is Hard...

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    Facebook Funny...

    I can't help that I totally :roflmao:
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    Indiana woman steals dentures, wears them to meeting with probation officer: police

    :chompers: :roflmao:
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    Jeffrey Epstein found injured in New York City jail cell after possible suicide attempt: report

    Possible suicide attempt... :lmao: