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  1. vraiblonde

    House Dems could retaliate against US and Israel ambassadors after banned visit:

    And yet Democrats are insisting that these bitches don't run the show.
  2. vraiblonde

    Snowflake asks for free hotel stay, gets rejected, loses her mind

    I thought her performance was overwrought and incredibly shallow, but that's just playing to her audience. This can't be the first time she's been flamed, considering this is what she does for a living. And it's certainly not the first time she's been turned down. These people are actors...
  3. vraiblonde

    Snowflake asks for free hotel stay, gets rejected, loses her mind

    That was painfully hilarious. But that's what social media influencers do: get free stuff in exchange for advertising on their blog/channel/whatever. We're in a weird societal transition right now where twits like that are extremely powerful and making enormous pots of money by...acting like...
  4. vraiblonde

    Here's my idea:

    Not true. The media is extremely powerful and people are swayed by advertising and other media manipulation. Why do you think those PACs run so many TV commercials and go on all the talk shows? Why do you think "news" reporters choose a side and promote it ceaselessly? Why do you think...
  5. vraiblonde

    Exec. Producer of The Ellen Show Tells Antifa to Go Home and stop making trouble

    So now that I've clicked and read the I a prophet or what? The best part of those tards is when they go, "But AntiFa means "antifacist"! Aren't you antifascist??" They probably think Politifact deals in facts. And that Reliable Source really is a reliable source.
  6. vraiblonde

    Exec. Producer of The Ellen Show Tells Antifa to Go Home and stop making trouble

    The Left (I'm not afraid to call things what they are) will be attacking him and calling him a racist any second, and he will retract and apologize in 5...4...3...
  7. vraiblonde

    Here's my idea:

    Why? Who cares, if everybody can buy any politician they want to? Why not let them vote for that politician as well? By limiting them to voting only in their district, aren't you taking away their free speech? Wasn't it you who said: ?
  8. vraiblonde

    Here's my idea:

    Let us not forget what elected officials are actually supposed to be doing, and that is representing their district or state in government. Not representing people in other states and districts; not doing the will of lobbyists and PACs. Example, Steny Hoyer was sent to be the voice of the...
  9. vraiblonde

    AOC Adrift

    You can tell the difference in her social media posts since her handler supposedly bowed out. She used to have orator-style skilled posts with a few clunkers thrown in that were obviously her. Now she's slacked off a lot and when she does post it's junior high school idiocy.
  10. vraiblonde

    Here's my idea:

    Campaign contributions should be limited to the candidate's district or state. As in, someone running for the House can only collect donations from people who live in their district, and not anyone in the world. Senators can only get money from people in their state. And the Party as a whole...
  11. vraiblonde

    Prius with Obama sticker......

    Oops. Well, Gilligan too. (And no, Gilligan and Birddog aren't the same person.)
  12. vraiblonde

    Jeffrey Epstein wasn't checked on for hours before apparent suicide

    Anyone who thinks Epstein's death was a suicide should be committed to an institution because they are way too dumb and gullible to be allowed to drive our streets or vote in our elections or live among normal people.
  13. vraiblonde

    Greetings from Williams, AZ

    Yesterday we went on downtown walkabout. Tons of cool shops and about a zillion places to eat and drink. We ended up at Sultana for a drink, which is the oldest bar in Arizona. Then we moved on to Canyon Club because they had an outdoor patio and a guy singing along to his music machine...
  14. vraiblonde

    Zogby: ‘Poor performances’ of Democrats boost Trump’s approval to 51%, up with blacks and Hispanics

    The progs are all still so weepy over Hillary losing, so why doesn't she give it another shot? She and they keep saying she's the legitimate President anyway - have her put their money where their mouth is.
  15. vraiblonde

    Prius with Obama sticker......

    Note the bolded parts. My friends have friends on their Facebook that I find repugnant and have blocked because of their ignorant views and "woke" bullshit. No doubt I have friends that other people don't like. So I'ma go with Gilligan knows already he's not going to be friends with this person.
  16. vraiblonde

    The algorithms that detect hate speech online are biased against black people

    Because racist white liberals don't expect black people to use proper English, and invented a term for it - Ebonics - to keep their pets ignorant and unemployable. Just like on the plantation when massa would punish the slaves for "acting white".
  17. vraiblonde

    97.7 The Bay

    I wonder if the new forums don't have that feature? I'll have to alert @David