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    Maryland schools plan on teaching LGBTQ history...

    this is the varsity football coach ensemble...
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    short notice ISO.....

    Thank you all! Got one, you guy are the bestest!!
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    short notice ISO.....

    an unused walker for some post surgery re-hab.. Thanks...
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    Is this discrimination??

    Any newspaper, any town has a classified ad section for bid proposals to construct s building, renovate or pave a highway, etc... These are Government contracts. Anyway there is a stipulation that it has to be a minority owned or operated bidder ONLY. Without any other “what if’s” is this...
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    Israel blocks Omar, Tlaib from entering country

    Well, we did... under the second coming of Allah Himself
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    Jeffrey Epstein wasn't checked on for hours before apparent suicide

    Thats John Lennons face on Imagine album cover photoshopped!!!!!!!!!
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    Epstein killed himself

    Frankie and the Five Angels, a doo wop group had one hit in 1958, “come here little girl, I got a banana in my pocket”...
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    Epstein isn't dead.....

    No, no, you all are wrong with a capital W!!! A-Rods RENTAL car was broken into over the weekend at a posh restaurant in the city and his man purse was stolen. It just happened to have a spare $500,000.00 in it..... Coincidence??, Shirley you jest!!!
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    " Common Sense Gun Laws "

    Yes and God forgive a police officer that yells at theirspouse.
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    " Common Sense Gun Laws "

    So, go to any district courtroom and see judges strip people of all of their firearms because someone felt threatened by someone else under the pretense of a “protection order”...
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    Biden Clarifies: 'I Like All Races, Even The Bad Ones'

    Remember the EF Hutton commercial?? “When EF Hutton speaks, people listen”....well, keep talking Nutty Joe....
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    Hey all you computerwise guys...

    I message ppl all the time, and have known this contact since 1964. No, I did not message her then... anyway, one day poof no more. She thinks I blocked her and visa versa. WEIRD.
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    Hey all you computerwise guys...

    I use messenger from f/b. It works well with the exception of one contact I’ve known forever. We’re on good terms but can’t use messenger at all. I am NOT well versed in the area. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking victim named Bill Richardson, George Mitchell in newly released documents

    And reports just out say he committed suicide. A spokesman for the Clinton’s say he shot himself in the head 3 times with his left toes in fort Marcy park.
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    Virginia??? Ralph???

    So, ultra liberal, highly educated progressives from Virginia sent letters to the Trump Administration directing the planned settlements of immigrants in the Commonwealth be re-directed to other parts of the Country because they , (immigrants) don’t conform to Community Standards!!! Kill babies...
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    New breed of copperhead??

    This odd looking reptile was found on the chassis of my vehicle, with this odd ring on its neck! Was it married or some sadistic slave ring???
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    Dog discrimination???

    Breaking news!!! Some dogs are facing Trump Administration discrimination on air carriers!!! Pit bulls have been denied access on certain carriers because of their species!!!!! This is outrageous!!! These dogs are playing life saving attributes as support animals to the thug community!!!! All...
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    Classic TV Shows

    Well, I can say with 100% assurance that Barney Miller was the most accurate police show. Even though is was a comedy, I can identify with every character as someone I worked with.
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    Dontcha Just Hate....

    How can a sneeeze go anti Semitic??? Oh, never mind.
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    Lawsuit against the Boy Scouts...

    Well now, a lawsuit has been filed against the BSA for allegations of sexual abuse from unknown predators going back to Baden Powell, I guess.... Faceless, nameless accusations/ litigation in the works at the same time that the BSA is under attack for being a male dominated society wherein girls...