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  1. David

    Snowflake asks for free hotel stay, gets rejected, loses her mind

    That's correct and I don't see anything funny about the video. She sent them a polite sales pitch and they elected to post it publicly in an attempt to humiliate her. It's known as a trade and advertising organisations DO IT ALL THE TIME with customers. All they had to do is politely decline or...
  2. David

    Exec. Producer of The Ellen Show Tells Antifa to Go Home and stop making trouble

    The common sense people on the left (oh, I so hate participating in the divisive language) are starting to take a stand against the wacky extremists. I hope we see more of this all the way around. My hat's off to Andy for standing up.
  3. David

    Cycling Without Age, St. Mary’s County (CWA-SMC) has it’s FIRST trishaw!

    I just found the background on this. Apologies to Christina. PARK HALL, Md. --- A St. Mary's County woman has formed the first Maryland Affiliate Chapter of the international Cycling Without Age (CWA) program. CWA is a social enterprise formed in 2012 in Denmark that offers recreational...
  4. David

    SMCM St. Mary’s College of Maryland Named a 2019-20 College of Distinction

    Can't blame the school for what one twisted student does.
  5. David

    97.7 The Bay

    Unfortunately not, Xenforo developers have a "less is more" attitude. Quite a few requests for it, but no go. Emails like that also tend to get sites on email blacklists. Previously, we did receive quite a few "thank you" notes from people throughout the year as they received the greetings.
  6. David

    SMECO Bill

    First, I sealed the block walls with the sealing coating (paint). That helps a lot. I also have a dehumidifier next to the Air Exchanger, which keeps it pretty dry. Hasn't been a need to run the split for that purpose, thankfully. The Air exchanger, dehumidifier, and humidifier all drain into...
  7. David

    SMECO Bill

    I bit the bullet and went with the top of the line variable speed American Standard (same as Trane). Best decision ever! The old system put in with the house in 1996 was as noisy as a train and couldn't hold temp. The new system is so quiet that I rarely know it is running. When it gets super...
  8. David

    BEST Animal - Human Love Videos Ever, and I Mean Ever!

    You could spend days watching the videos on this channel which can be found at:
  9. David

    BEST Animal - Human Love Videos Ever, and I Mean Ever!

    I'm not the kind of person who dresses my pets up in human-like clothing and puts bow ties in their hair, but these videos are simply the best. Very addictive, too addictive. Here's a few to give you an idea:
  10. David

    Pet Adoption Lita; 1 year-old; female Lab Mix needs a home

    As of 13-AUG, Lita is dog of the week again, so she's still looking for a home 😻
  11. David

    Trump announces

    Updates on who knew what when: Back in Mid-March a pilot/software engineer posted on Twitter (his brother-in-law technically posted what he said) what turns out to be an excellent analysis of...