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  1. tirdun

    Places to (and not to) buy gear online

    Since I've been gearing up lately I thought I'd share some reviews of online web sites to buy stuff. I ended up buying everything I needed on the web since there are only a few places locally with any kind of selection. Ride Gear ( Do not ever buy from these people. They're...
  2. tirdun

    Stepped Motorcycle Licenses

    I saw the conversation about the motorcycle accident and some conversation about restricting 18YOs from buying Busas (what about Corvettes?) so I thought I'd throw in a FYI thread about the UK's system of graded licenses. I think they should intro something like this here, for discussion: -...
  3. tirdun

    New Gear - Where??

    I'm looking for gear (gloves mainly, but a jacket might be next) and the only places I've found locally are Atlantic, the HD stores and the newer H/K/Y/S place north of Prince Frederick. None seem to carry much of what I'm looking for, which probably falls in the Cortech, Fieldsheer and similar...
  4. tirdun

    Engagement on Valentines

    I often hear the same grinchy grouchy rules about engagement rings around this time of year: Guys shouldn't pop the question on Valentines Day so as to make sure you can get the ring back. I figured I'd post some interesting information. Not endorsing any of this, just posting: The...
  5. tirdun

    California Tortilla

    Stopped to eat at the California Tortilla restaurant in Waldorf, over behind Best Buy (same shopping center as Red Robin). If you can find the starbucks or "stone cold" ice cream place, you're in the right area. Essentially, it was everything you wish Taco Bell could be, at a price that was...
  6. tirdun

    FHA-HUD refund scams

    If you get a letter or email from someone offering to help you claim a FHA-HUD refund check, its either a scam or a rip-off. I know there's not much difference, but here's what I found out after getting one of the rip-off offers and doing some research. 1- There is an authentic FHA refund...