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  1. my-thyme


    Granddaughter made fried rice. At 10 yr old, her speciality. It was delicious.
  2. my-thyme


    Chief's, or St James, have the best.
  3. my-thyme

    Texting + Driving = BAD

    There was that time with a wasp....was all over the road swatting at it, trying to get the window down and get it out.....I made it safely to the side of the road, but just barely.
  4. my-thyme


    Once watched a deer chase a fox away from where I assumed she had a fawn. Deer would stomp and snort, fox would run a few feet and turn around and bark. Went on for over 400 ft along a wood line. Fascinating to watch.
  5. my-thyme

    And just like that Trumpers started supporting red flag laws......

    Being in marriage counseling should not be automatic grounds for taking a gun. Attending AA should not be automatic grounds for taking a gun. Crazy ex-wife putting a bogus restraining order on you...nope. You're found drunk, waving a gun around, threatening to kill the kids and your man...
  6. my-thyme


    Water. Water. Water. Montana is drying me out....
  7. my-thyme

    And so it begins, or continues...

    Just like bomb threats at local high schools.
  8. my-thyme

    Elijah Cummings is going to be PO'd!

    I'd also like to see a follow up in 6 months.
  9. my-thyme

    West Baltimore residents thank President Trump

    See, I looked at that paper, in almost pristine condition, and assumed it was either a plant, or some old lady had recently died and the kids cleaned her house out and threw her prized mementos away - in the alley.
  10. my-thyme

    If It's Living, and You Shoot It, You Eat It.

    Simple gun lesson. My boys didn't care for blackbird, but they never shot another living critter, including people, unless they were willing to eat it.
  11. my-thyme

    Another T-Storm Watch

    Thundering and raining here by Spring Ridge.
  12. my-thyme

    Sporcle Just Trivia

    19. 😒
  13. my-thyme

    Wolf spider - Don't let Vrai see this
  14. my-thyme

    Hey Vrai

    ...lookie here...
  15. my-thyme

    Tonight’s Debate....

    Thank God I don't have a dog in that race....
  16. my-thyme

    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    Went last night with my friend who is a Tarantino fan. Neither of us was overly impressed with the story line, but the nostalgia factor was great. And of course, the graphic violence in the last 15 minutes - well, it was over the top. Pitt was good, DiCaprio really carried the movie. The scene...
  17. my-thyme

    Sporcle G N' R Minefield