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  1. PeoplesElbow

    Waiter allegedly shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich

    From what I gather it was certainly not a pulled pork sandwich.
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    97.7 The Bay

    Ok, glad thats not me, I thought my new car had a problem with its radio.
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    Farted on It For You F**CKED It For You
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    97.7 The Bay

    Maybe the computer cant count thqt high?
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    Some interesting news for TV cordcutters

    Update, found out that none of the indoor antennas are made for VHF any more. The issue there is compounded by the fact that the stations I couldn't get are on the LO VHF band. So I've been doing a lot of research and am going to make a simple half wavelength folded dipole antenna and give it...
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    Android phones

    I like the moto G line, you can buy them outright off amazon for under $250. I have a Moto G6+ now and think it is a great phone. Best of all, no contract, paid $235 for it and if I break it I have no qualms about throwing it in the trash and buying another (and I dont get raped by carrier...
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    Zombie Tidal Wave!

    Zombies eat brains, they would starve there.
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    CNN's Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo has a meltdown in public LMAO

    Fredo is a slur, really? My home town has a big street festival called the Italian Heritage Festival that takes an entire year to plan, the downtown is closed off for 4 days etc. Anyway, people commonly refer to it as the Tally Ralley, Daygo Days, and the Wop Hop or at least they did back...
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    Mainland china starts mobilizing troops 25km from pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong

    Your butt buddy, transporter, thinks that is just a conspiracy theory.
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    Zombie Tidal Wave!

    This weekend new movie on sci-fi called Zombie Tidal Wave, guess what its about.
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    Joaquin Castro’s Doxxing Of Voters Is Un-American

    Castro is no dummy, he knows damn well that doing this puts the people in danger of suffering physical or property harm. This is the equivalent of swatting except it isn't the police doing the damage.
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    Looking for help.....

    Its easier to just cash out your bank account and throw it into the water.
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    China will invade Hong Kong soon !?

    Hong Kong has been part of China since the lease with the British expired, we all know China doesn't go for dissent (Tienanmen Square ring a bell?) They will eventually get tired of watching this and put these people down hard.
  14. PeoplesElbow

    MTA to release "narrowed down" list of locations for third bridge to eastern shore soon (Who will be the lucky winner?)

    That's fair, where can i find these studies. I think people around here just point at them in an attempt to keep anything new from being built without actually reading them. If I remember the 90s correctly "unbiased researchers and scientists" said the polar ice cap would be melted by now...
  15. PeoplesElbow

    Is this where our free speech is going? The UK deserves to be mocked over crap like this.
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    Jeffrey Epstein wasn't checked on for hours before apparent suicide

    Were the handled by the same FBI that cant seem to touch a computer without completely wiping everything?
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    Some interesting news for TV cordcutters

    I cancelled the cable at my mom's house since she is in assisted living. There are all the major networks within 5 miles, however for the life of me I can't get the ones that are on VHF with an indoor antenna. I've tried 5 different antennas to no avail. Atleast Home Depot has them all on...
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    Man wrongly outed as Trump donor by Castro, forced to go over 'situational awareness' with wife, kids

    Because you know as well as I do that this was not just providing a public record, this is a targeted attempt to get these people harassed and attacked and it is very much a fascist tool. This is exactly the same thing as making the jews wear a Star of David. The purpose of this is to scare...
  19. PeoplesElbow

    MTA to release "narrowed down" list of locations for third bridge to eastern shore soon (Who will be the lucky winner?)

    So if St Marys county decided to not widen Rt 235, NAVAIR still decided to move down here do you really think traffic would be just the same as it is now with a two lane road? Common sense has to play a role interpreting these studies. I would wager that in these studies the population far...