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    celtic festival

    or whatever its called. there was a million people there so i'm not sure what the buzz was about but at 20 bucks a pop, what the hell was there to do? buy over price defrosted food, jewelry, t-shirts, googled last name history, watch a band playing cover tunes. Anyway, never seen so many white...
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    Where are all the republicans here who support Obama's proposal to bomb Syria's government for using poison gas against their people. hmmmm.
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    Its to bad there's not a website somewhere that list bad renters who go from house to house with no intention on paying rent, causing damage, making threats and know that the laws in Maryland favor tenants. I also guess you know your in trouble when a tenant starts taking pictures of your place...
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    Another totaled police cruiser

    I see Officer Esposito has totaled 2 police vehicles within one year. What ever happened to accountability. "Calvert County Sheriff's Office Deputy Stephen Esposito was injured July 30 when his cruiser hit a concrete median as he was responding to a call, according to a sheriff's office...