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  1. tes218

    Honest Reliable Plumber

    Hi, I have a leak under my kitchen cabinet now. Is the guy you used just a friend of your brother's or does he have a company?
  2. tes218

    RIP Fish

    So sorry for your loss. Beautiful girl.
  3. tes218

    Valentines Pet Pictures!

    I will be there!:yahoo: Picture of the pretty
  4. tes218

    Tracy Applicance or CG Service Appliance Repair

    Have a dishwasher leaking and Jenn-Air suggested two companies in the area. One is Tracy Applicance in Huntington and the other is CG Service Appliance Repair in Chesapeake Beach. Has anyone used either or heard good or bad reviews? Thanks.
  5. tes218

    Pet Pictures with Santa

    Pet Pictures with Santa to benefit Second Hope Rescue will be held at Tidewater Vet Hospital in Charlotte Hall, MD on Saturday, Nov. 30 from 1-3. 50/50 raffle, refreshments and specialty stockings for your pet will be available. Photo will be 4x6. Also, a raffle to win a beautiful shawl...
  6. tes218

    Found Dog

    Calls were made, scanned but no chip, and posted on Facebook.
  7. tes218

    Found Dog

    Nothing yet. Don't understand that someone isn't looking for her.
  8. tes218

    Found Dog

    This little cutie was found on Saturday on Route 4 and Saint Leonard Rd. She is small with golden red fur with a white chest. Very friendly and looks like she may have polish on her front nails.
  9. tes218

    Cruise ship pricing

    Love this cruise as a quick getaway in Feb. We've done it a couple of times and talk about making this one a yearly tradition. I got a price through my timeshare exchange program that even Norwegian said they couldn't match.
  10. tes218

    Flu? This soon?!

    Friend was fine Sunday afternoon and by Sunday night started feeling bad. Got chills and when he went to the Dr. was diagnosed with pneumonia.
  11. tes218

    carpet cleaning/furniture clean

    Have used ChemDry a couple of times at different locations and have been pleased.
  12. tes218

    Gov't creates 'Nudge Squad' to shape behavior

    Government knows best...:sarcasm: Gov't Knows Best? White House creates 'nudge squad' to shape behavior | Fox News Don't commercials already do this? Do we really need a government 'team'?
  13. tes218

    Lost Dog - Reward

    Thanks, I'll pass that along to the rescue group. :buddies:
  14. tes218

    Lost Golden Retriever/Wildewood Area

    Not found yet but recently spotted near The Church of Christ on St. Andrews Rd which is near Rt. 4 and Rt. 235.
  15. tes218

    Lost Dog - Reward

    Barbie was recently spotted near The Church of Christ on St. Andrews Church Road near the intersection of Rt. 4 and 235. If spotted, please call 240.925.8817 and/or 516.983.5490. Everyone is out looking for her.
  16. tes218

    Deck and hot tub

    We purchased a Hot Springs hot tub from Edgewater, MD. A little bit of a drive but they let you come in and try out the different ones. You would be surprised at the differences once you're sitting in them that you don't notice just by looking. Seat levels, leg room, where the jets hit are...
  17. tes218

    Civil Suit in Zimmerman case

    Some interesting text messages from Trayvon. Articles: New Evidence Shows Trayvon's Life Unraveling
  18. tes218

    found dog off newtown neck road

    I had that thought...possibly someone on vacation. Another possibility was that he was stolen from someplace else, transported here and got loose. A friend's dog went missing and after almost a year she got a call from a shelter two states away asking if he was her dog. The 'owners' brought...