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  1. Monello

    Editorial: Here’s some rare good news in 2019: The NRA is in disarray

    Whether the NRA is a top notch organization or it gets run into the ground, either case, it doesn't affect me personally. What I find amazing is the number of people in this country that want things to go poorly for a number of American institutions and I'm throwing our economy in there as well.
  2. Monello

    No sleepless night for me...

    And if he did age, they'd run a piece on how the office is wearing him out and he's too old. The next 6 years should be both fun and scary as far as the media is concerned. I can't wait to see what they come up with next in regards to the president.
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    A cup of hot Pero and a banana. Pero is like Postum. Mostly roasted, malted barley, rye and chicory.
  4. Monello

    No matter the species these things never end well.

    South African, the other white meat.
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    St. Mary’s County Pharmacies Dispensed Over 32 Million Opioids from 2006 to 2012

    I've been given 'pain medication' post surgery. I don't think I even got a buzz off of any of it. I also recall that it didn't actually dull the pain any either. I don't see the attraction to it. Maybe if I had doubled the dosage perhaps some euphoria could have been experienced. I feel for...
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    More Humor...

  7. Monello

    More Humor...

    What's for lunch?
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    Buy it, then ship all the asylum seekers there to wait for their court dates.
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    "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon

    Woo Hoo!
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    Waiter allegedly shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich

    When I was in France, my waiter offered to sell me a pistol. It was in a sketchy part of town though. The hostess wearing brass knuckles was a tip off.
  11. Monello

    NASCAR Bristol, Sat. Aug 17th

    Glad I switched up at the last minute. It's a rare week that I don't pick the #18 to win it all.
  12. Monello

    PGPD Detectives Arrest Two Men in Connection with Suitland Homicide

    These guys are good for the funeral home business. No sooner does 1 go in the ground, then another stiff takes his place. I guess these dudes never heard about #BLM.
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    Prius with Obama sticker......

  14. Monello

    Prius with Obama sticker......

  15. Monello

    NASCAR Bristol, Sat. Aug 17th

    This was my lineup last week: It got me 5 points, so it wasn't too bad of a line up. But I see almost everyone has picked Kyle Busch this week for the win. It's a short track, so I guess that played into everyone's decision. So do I go with the pack or swim up current.
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    NASCAR Bristol, Sat. Aug 17th

    Hamlin Kyle Busch Truex jr Logano Harvick
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    Woodstock - 50 years

  18. Monello

    National Tell a Joke Day!

    A tricker or treater, dressed as a pirate, rings a doorbell. Older woman answers, give's him candy and asks "where's your buccaneers?". He says "behind my bucking mask".
  19. Monello

    Sentencing of Four Members of a Carjacking Ring

    Interesting our former president chimed in on this crime.