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    Voting without ID

    Every time I go into a voting station I walk out with the same thought. Why in the hell is it not required to show a simple ID to vote? I mean wouldn’t it be so simple to whip out a DL or passport to verify who you are to avoid any double voting or even the possible mere appearance of...
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    Russian meddling??

    Can someone please educate me a little bit here. As I understand it, a group of Russians (don’t know if state sponsored), hacked into the DNC email of Podesta and maybe others and released embarrassing, yet true and accurate, info at strategically inopportune times designed to paint Democrats...
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    Freddy Gray's parents new Lambo

    In another wonderful display of government run amok, Freddy Grays parents are spotted around Baltimore in their brand new Lamborghini Aventador. For non car nuts, that's the top dawg Lamborghini, $500k V12 monster. Im so glad and respectful of our politicians in Maryland who plead for the...
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    Maryland at it again...fee increases

    Motor vehicle fees proposed to increase again. Politicians in this state are so out of control and money hungry and have yet to find a tax/fee they dont see fit to increase. Quick summary of motor vehicle fee increases: Title fee: 2007...$20 2008...$50 2011...$100...