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    California gets bluer

    What has/is Nancy doing to help? Her mansion could probably house a few of the homeless, the rest could pitch tents on the grounds.
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    San Francisco board rebrands 'convicted felon' as ...

    Victims? You mean the people that should have known better and just gave the “justice involved person” what they wanted? Those aren’t victims, they are the sacrifices made to create an equal society.
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    Police: Best Buy Worker Set Elderly Woman on Fire, Beat Her to Death

    :killingme:killingme What should the takeaway be? That a minority lost his job? That Best Buy hires 3rd party installers? Or there’s no prufe the bruta did nuttin?
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    There are things you can joke about...

    Start the impeachment hearings, waste more tax dollars that’ll fix it
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    Red flag laws won't stop mass shootings — ending gun-free zones will

    :killingmeI’m surprised racist, big truck, beer and cigar weren’t higher on the list
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    Police: Best Buy Worker Set Elderly Woman on Fire, Beat Her to Death

    Damn, what a way to leave this world.
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    Ah,,,,,,,,glad he chose a reputable company, scary what some can come up with
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    Editorial: Here’s some rare good news in 2019: The NRA is in disarray

    Disappointing news Transtupidus, this does not mean Trump wont be running for reelection nor does it give the Dems a reason for impeachment.
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    'Dogfishing' trend is duping singles on dating apps

    I was playing with my dog at the park and this little girl asked if she could pet my dog. She had such a good time playing with my dog Bob that I gave her the dog. Bob was the bestest dog ever and I dont tknow if I could find another, but it does feel good knowing Bob is happy playing with that...
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    Curios, why did you weld it up vs. bending? Seems like I saw a picture of a really nice bender in your shop.
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    Largest County In Maryland Vows Not To Cooperate With ICE

    And she’s probably the smartest of the bunch. Her people know she gets paid to do nothing.
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    Big shout out to Mark's Lawn Service, Septic Division

    And there we have it. A common access Right Of Way (shared driveway) that you assume to be the property line. Yep
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    Property Tax Bill

    A critical area buffer or other easement designation?
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    Property Tax Bill

    Good luck. The state only uses “at arms length” sales for comparison/valuation purposes. Assessed value and retail value are not necessarily the same either. Protected land, as in “wetlands”? Your paying the state for...
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    Big shout out to Mark's Lawn Service, Septic Division

    Same thing , one side of the story. I didnt read where you are an expert at sewage disposal either. I dont make harsh reality based on a one sided claim and the end of your last comment clearly illustrates that I was most likely correct.
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    The religion of Piece(s) Strikes Again

    Huh, rumor on the street was that you were spending too much time with Sappy and MR. You may need professional counseling for your MPD issues.
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    Sorry comrade GURPS...

    Out of 1000 democrats polled, 29% will definitely vote for Trump in 2020. Why did you skip that part?
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    Marianne Williamson - Platform

    Not so sure that would be an effective solution.Look how well the courts now seem to be upholding partisan lines instead of the law.
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    Waiter allegedly shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich

    Did she have an Adam’s apple too? :whistle: