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  1. my-thyme

    The Settlers of Catan

    A board game that is so much fun! Easy to learn, every game is different. Highly recommend this fast-paced game.
  2. my-thyme

    If It's Living, and You Shoot It, You Eat It.

    Simple gun lesson. My boys didn't care for blackbird, but they never shot another living critter, including people, unless they were willing to eat it.
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    Hey Vrai

    ...lookie here...
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    THIS is why I order from Amazon!

    The storm on Wednesday evening took out the last of my patio umbrellas. Yesterday at 1130am I headed into LPCity to purchase a new one. After almost 3 hrs, 4 stores, and near heat stroke, I headed back home with no umbrella. Once I had downed 3 glasses of ice water and my internal body temp...
  5. my-thyme

    Garden Spider

    This gal must be catching plenty of bugs, she's getting big. Love these spiders!
  6. my-thyme

    Tanks on the 4th

    Oh, I sure do hope our president is driving one. You know he wants to. '][/URL]
  7. my-thyme

    Coffee II

    So, I was sitting in the doctor's office, picked up a magazine, and started reading a breakfast article. New research is you should have your morning coffee 2-3 hrs after getting up, because sleep has recharged you and you don't need more of a wake up until after the sleep boost wears off. I...
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    Atlantic Broadband

    .....appears to have just crapped out.
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    Sporcle Original Colonies

  10. my-thyme

    Groin Hernia

    Hubby is scheduled for surgery for double groin hernias (ouch!), but surgery is still 2 weeks away. He's really struggling with pain. Any suggestions on things he can do to make the next 2 weeks easier? I'm gonna call the doc tomorrow, but I know y'all will have some thoughts. TIA
  11. my-thyme

    ISO Information Cold Stone

    Saw a Cold Stone cup in the parking lot of the Shopper's yesterday. Does that mean they're open by Harris Teeter?
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    Salads-Hello Easy Breezy Summertime!
  13. my-thyme

    Sporcle Erase the USA

    Well, hell, how do I do THIS?
  14. my-thyme

    Help in The Shower

    Hubby was in the shower, I went in and asked if he'd like me to wash his back. Reached in for the washcloth, and he handed me a soaped Scotch Brite pad. You know, the green rectangle you use in the kitchen to scrub baked-on goop off of baking pans. Like, the one that's been missing from my...
  15. my-thyme

    Never Too Old to Look

    Went to lunch with mom at Panera Bread today. This walker really slows me down, so she had the opportunity to just watch people for a bit while waiting for me to catch up. As she's holding the door for me, she whispers, "There sure are a lot of good looking men in this county these days. Wish I...
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    how do you use this?
  17. my-thyme

    The Goggle Button so cute today! Go push it! And Happy Easter to everyone!
  18. my-thyme

    That Like Button...

    I just love it! I'm sure I use it way more than I should, it really doesn't add anything to a conversation, but if I laugh out loud, or get irritated, I'm hitting that button.
  19. my-thyme

    Make That Bed?

    I can not get in an unmade bed at the end of the day. I've been known to make it 10 minutes before getting into it if I have to. Hubby says why bother, you're just gonna muss it up again. 😒
  20. my-thyme

    Peeps - Time To Stock Up

    Gotta get a few extra packs to put in the freezer for summer nights. Forget roasted marshmallows - roast peeps! That sugar caramelized, sooooo delicious. Just watch out, is very hot! 🔥🔥🔥 Chick-On-A-Stick 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥