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    New Theater Coming Across from Wildewood?

    New movie theater planned in St. Mary’s -- I wonder what the financial incentive from the County is.
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    Pigeon with Yellow Band on Leg

    Left for work this morning and there was a white/grey pigeon standing in the road in front of our house. Noticed it had a yellow band on its leg and that it didn't seem very scared of me but I was in a hurry so I left. Turns out it hung around the house and at some point this afternoon our...
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    Buffalo Wild Wings in Kohl's Shopping Center

    Strange that they pulled out of restaurant row and are now planning on building in front of Kohl's. Of course this means no Sonic in that location. Looks like Dick's Sporting Goods is still planning on that location also. Dick's Sporting Goods, Buffalo Wild Wings proposed
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    Ship off Coles Point

    Any of you boaters know what that ship is that's been sitting off Coles Point for about a week now? I don't have a picture but it's a pretty large ship with what looks like four cranes on each side of it. I'ts moved around a little but it looks like it's just sitting at anchor.
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    "Kemp accuses Pixton of defamation"

    Looks like the dispute is out in the open now. Kemp seeking $1,000,000 for defamation, $500,000 in punitive damages and $500,000 in compensatory damages. Youth football dispute enters courtroom arena A simmering dispute over youth football in St. Mary's County has spilled over into...
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    I know it's been a running joke on the forums for a few years, but there is an article in the Enterprise this morning stating that someone wants to put a Sonic on 235 in front of where Kohls is being built. The potential problem is they'll need to change the site plan because where they want...
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    Gridiron Grill?

    Anyone know anything about it? The coming soon sign is at the 249/5 light. I assume it will be where the Italian place was. Did a quick google search and they've booked some bands. I assume it will be a sports bar?
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    Yet Another Fatal Accident

    Surprised I didn't see this posted yet. Lexington Park Woman Perishes in 3 Vehicle Accident in Callaway - Southern Maryland Headline News Tragic accident and my condolences to the family but I have to wonder why people still don't wear seatbelts or put their kids in car seats. No one in...
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    County Getting Involved in Youth Football

    Front page article in the Enterprise today. The online version is not posted yet and I don't have it in front of me but the gist of the article is that there will be three leagues this year. Next year the County will run youth football as a club system which is what is done in Calvert and...
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    Dead Ospreys

    The house next door has a pole and platform next to the water that has had a pair of ospreys nexting on it for at least the past five years. This year there were three ospreys born and everthing seemed normal. Yesterday the owner of the house showed me that one of the parents is dead on the...
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    Lodge at Evan's

    Anybody know when the "lodge" at Evan's is opening? It looks like they are pretty close to being finished. Thanks in advance.
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    Windshield Replacement

    I need to get the front windshield replaced on my car. Can anyone recommend a place to have this done? Somewhere in the Great Mills or Hollywood area would be best. Thanks in advance.
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    Free Cones at Rita's

    Welcome to Lexington Park! Woman jailed for indecent exposure A judge ordered Monday that a Lexington Park woman remain jailed in lieu of $5,000 bond on charging papers alleging she revealed her breasts last week to a teenage boy standing in line at frozen dessert shop. Sheila Christine...
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    Evan's Seafood

    Anybody know when the "new" Evan's will open? Drove down there over the weekend and it looks like it is almost completed. Peeked in the window and they already have all the furniture in place.
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    Little League Question

    Looking to sign my seven year old up for little league this Spring and noticed there are two leagues to choose from, the Saint Mary's National League and the Babe Ruth Network. Does anyone know the differences in the leagues or have any opinions on either? We live in Tall Timbers so it...
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    Old Great Mills Road

    Slow day... Just curious if anyone else besides me gets pissed off when people use Old Great Mills Road as a "short-cut" to go north on Rt 5 from Great Mills Road between 4-5 PM? They must be more important than the rest of us since they can't wait their turn. I wish they would close...
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    Seafood "Trailer" in Clements

    Has anyone ever purchased anything from the seafood stand/trailer at the intersection of 234 & 242 in Clements? I'm taking some visiters to St Clements Island tomorrow and am looking to pick up some steamed crabs on the way home. I've seen the trailer parked there but have never stopped...
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    Moving Houses on St Georges Island

    I was down on St Georges Island last weekend and noticed two houses on Ball Point Rd are up on blocks about 6-8' off the foundations. There are signs for a house moving company posted in both yards. Anyone live down that way know what's going on? Are they actually moving the houses or just...
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    Loveville Auction

    The aution in Loveville is open to the public this Saturday but I haven't seen anything that lists what time it is open. Does anyone here know when it starts? Thanks in advance.
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    Mama Leone's Brick Oven Pizza

    I see it has opened in the Callaway Village Center. Anyone been and have a review?