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    ...and it didn't even cost a bullet.

    or a missile. The Boxer took out an Iranian drone with EW. Kudos to all you Old Crows at the former NATC, current USNAVAIRSYSCOMAD and contractors. I just so proud of the whole bunch of you. Sorry. I normally don't post on News and Current Events, but I couldn't help myself. Back to...
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    Question for online BOA users regarding ShopSafe.

    The link to ShopSafe has recently disappeared from my online Bank of America credit card page. Has this happened to any other ShopSafe users or is it just me? This is very concerning with the holiday shopping season in full swing. Thanking you in advance for any information. HC
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    Dear person who picks up after their dog...

    I want to thank you for being a conscientious dog owner/carer and a good neighbor. I don't want to thank you for putting your little black bag of dog droppings in MY TRASH BIN by my curb. I rarely have more than a single 30 gallon bag (tied shut because of food discards) in the MY BIG BIN...
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    Opinion wanted: driving.

    I'm in the right lane of Town Creek Drive intending to turn right onto 235. 235 traffic is between moderate to heavy. I'm waiting for a break in the traffic when a guy behind me (for less than 10 secs) blows his horn. In my rearview, he is hand gesturing a 'right turn' obviously wanting me to...
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    FIU ped bridge collapse. Your thoughts.

    Not trying to 2nd guess the mech engineers on this one but… The final design clearly shows a center pillar and a tower with support cables along the length of the bridge. But a shot of the bridge shortly after being rotated in place shows no center column or...
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    Metrocast Billing?

    I get Metrocast for Internet only. Normally I'm electronically billed the last week of the month (online bill paying) and pay immediately. Since Metrocast only takes my payment in check (no idea why they won't accept electronic payment), it takes until the first or second of the following...
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    MD banned oil based stains & paints???

    Is this fake news? Has California annexed Maryland? WT...
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    DIY traders. Jump in with some limit buys.

    The DJIA is down over 400 pts since the 8th. Load up on some big caps and blue chips that follow the DOW curve, but offer to buy them @ 2% lower with limit buys. If they trigger, you can only gain. If they don't, you've lost nothing. Buy low, sell high. I've been waiting since Apr. 25th for...
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    Appreciate your opinion: discharging guns & loose dog.

    I like where I live. It's in the Town Creek, Esperanza Farms development area. I have no intention of moving just because of the following 'distractions'. Am I over-reacting and just becoming an 'old man'? There's is one dog in particular that roams the neighborhood a few days each week...
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    Request for invention: Remote control smoke detector.

    I've developed an obsession for air-fryer chicken fried steak. (I use to disparage air fryers... I was wrong.) Unfortunately, it sets off 2 of my smoke detectors (neither in the kitchen) every time. There is no visible smoke and only a slight frying odor in the air. Currently, I have to...
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    METCOM - Always expensive... occasionally entertaining.

    If I post the 19th, will they bring up my comment at the meeting?
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    Merrill Edge Investment Account Holders.

    Please check your account balances. Something ain't right. :eyebrow:
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    Would a dog enjoy...

    ...fetching a ball from a tennis ball launcher as much as from his/her owner? How long would he/she keep it up? If the dog could be taught to drop the ball back in the machine...? Would the dog leave its owner? Is this per-pet-ual motion? These important questions need to be answered more...
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    Tech Question: Can't MH370 flaperon be tracked?

    I assume we have satellites flying over snapping millions of hi-res pictures with each pass especially since the crash occurred. It's big, white, bright, floating and moving slowly in the ocean currents. In addition, there are satellites constantly tracking and recording ocean currents. So...
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    Would it be possible...

    Hope no one takes offense. None is intended, but would it be possible for those posting in the 'hot topics' in the community forum to have their avatar names preceding their posts? I might save a bit of wear and tear on my left click mouse button. Just an thought.
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    Okay, now I'm REALLY scared. Ebola AND Dragon's Egg.

    Ebola is bad enough. Now I hear ISIS has gained control of WMD in the "Dragon's Egg" bunker. What can we do if they open a canister (or blow it up) upwind from the Pentagon, White House or Capitol building? Help. I really need reassurence. Someone straighten me out.:jameo:
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    WARNING! Dangerous prank. Don't fall for it... I did.

    I'm North bound on 3 lane rte 235 when the school bus directly in front of me flashes yellow lights... so I prepare to stop. The red lights come on and all the cars on the N side halt. An arm appears from the open window of the school bus and starts 'waving us past' and pointing to the outer...
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    Anyone see this on the corner of Rt 235 & Rt 4 today?

    Sorry, my dashcam isn't higher resolution. The first picture is a sign reading "Impeach Obama - Stop Here." I didn't exactly see a long line or anything.