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  1. tes218

    Tracy Applicance or CG Service Appliance Repair

    Have a dishwasher leaking and Jenn-Air suggested two companies in the area. One is Tracy Applicance in Huntington and the other is CG Service Appliance Repair in Chesapeake Beach. Has anyone used either or heard good or bad reviews? Thanks.
  2. tes218

    Pet Pictures with Santa

    Pet Pictures with Santa to benefit Second Hope Rescue will be held at Tidewater Vet Hospital in Charlotte Hall, MD on Saturday, Nov. 30 from 1-3. 50/50 raffle, refreshments and specialty stockings for your pet will be available. Photo will be 4x6. Also, a raffle to win a beautiful shawl...
  3. tes218

    Found Dog

    This little cutie was found on Saturday on Route 4 and Saint Leonard Rd. She is small with golden red fur with a white chest. Very friendly and looks like she may have polish on her front nails.
  4. tes218

    Gov't creates 'Nudge Squad' to shape behavior

    Government knows best...:sarcasm: Gov't Knows Best? White House creates 'nudge squad' to shape behavior | Fox News Don't commercials already do this? Do we really need a government 'team'?
  5. tes218

    Found Boxer

    Saw this posted on Facebook: This mature male Boxer was found on Keech Road in Charlotte Hall on 6/9/13 near Oak Ridge Park. Please help him find his family!
  6. tes218

    Maryland Loses More Jobs

    More job losses for Maryland - Southern Maryland News
  7. tes218

    Found Dog

    I saw this on Facebook and wanted to post it here too so hopefully the owner or a friend of the owner may see it. ************************************************* This dog was found on 5/12/13 in Chesapeake Beach by Beach Elementary. He is an intact male pit. Complete LOVE BUG. Knows Sit...
  8. tes218

    Pedicures for Pets fundraiser

    Held at Tidewater Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte Hall Saturday, March 2 1:00-3:00pm Come and get the spa treatment for Fido or Felix! All nail trim proceeds will be donated to Second Hope Rescue. First Come, First Serve. Second Hope is an organization that has found many homes for animals...
  9. tes218

    Dog hit by car this morning. Looking for owners

    This dog, male, was hit by a car this morning on Poplar Hill Rd, approximately 2 miles south from St. Peter's Church. He was taken to the Charles County Humane Society. Injuries seem bad and they are waiting to see if an owner is found.
  10. tes218

    Federal Government Leave or Telework

    Announced that tomorrow is unscheduled leave or telework for the Federal Government. :yahoo:
  11. tes218

    Found dog

    This little girl was found in the Waldorf area near Middleton Rd/RT 228 a couple of weeks ago. She was rescued from the streets and the person started looking for her owner by posting flyers and contacting vets and the shelter. So far no one has responded. The person that has her currently has...
  12. tes218

    Eye Liners - What's your favorite

    I don't have a very steady hand so liquid liners are not good for me. I've been using a pencil and really loved the ones from Smashbox but it seems they have changed recently. If you use a pencil, which works best for you and doesn't end up leaving you with 'raccoon eyes' by the middle of...
  13. tes218

    Found Dog

    Posting this from another source - "This puppy was found in the Huntingtown area today around 6:45 AM running into traffic on RT4 north bound.... He was taken to the Calvert County Sherrif's office and will most likely wind up at tri county, please pass this on if you know of anyone missing a...
  14. tes218

    Mother Board Issue?

    I plugged my PC into my TV using the HDMI cable and it worked great for a few weeks. Last night I plugged it in and nothing. No sound or video on the TV. PC seems to be working fine for other things. Tried a different HDMI port on the TV and still nothing. Plugged my camera into the port and...
  15. tes218

    Cornhole Tournament to benefit Second Hope Rescue

    Come out to Cryer's Back Road Inn in Compton for a great time and help support the rescue. 1st place winner gets $200.00! Sign up at noon and play starts at 1:00.
  16. tes218

    Auto Body shop

    Any suggestions on a good auto body shop in the Southern Maryland area? I was hit from the back and the only damage I can see is a piece under the car on the driver's side is loose. Don't know if anything else is damaged until it can be checked out. No damage on the fender or tailgate. I did...
  17. tes218

    Lost Dog - Bailey, Yellow lab

    Senior, male, yellow lab is missing from his home on Tower Hill Road in Leonardtown. Wearing collar with rabies tag. Missing since June 5 and owners are frantic to find him. Please keep an eye out for him and call anytime if seen - 301 475 5059
  18. tes218

    Stray dog found

    Posting this for a friend. She came home and found a very friendly pit mix on her front porch. He is tan with white on his chest, long tail and natural ears. He is wearing a collar that is used for an electric fence. He jumped into her car when she opened the door so he's used to being in the...
  19. tes218

    Found - Yellow Lab

    Posting this in hopes of getting the word out - This dog was found in the Wicomico Shores neighborhood off of Budds Creek road. The lady tried to find who owns him - contacted the shelter, he didn't have a microchip, listed him in the Baynet and She took him to Tri-County Animal...
  20. tes218

    Cornhole Tournament - Benefits Second Hope Rescue

    Cryer's Back Road Inn will be hosting a Cornhole Tournament to benefit Second Hope Rescue on Saturday, August 27. Chance to win up to $200.00! Sign up starts at noon, game starts at 1:00.