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    British proof testing of firearms

    Kind of a cool old video on proof testing guns in Britian.
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    Maryland: Senate Committee to Hear Legislation to Criminalize the Private Transfer of Long Guns

    Senate Bill 948 is being proposed to require the sales of long guns to be done through an FFL dealer. A similar bill was introduced last year and was defeated.
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    Colonial gunsmithing

    If you have an hour to spare and want to be amazed, check this out. Unbelievable craftmanship.
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    Where is the common sense vehicle laws??

    4 hurt in crash, attack at California Wal-Mart I hope someone in California comes up with some "common sense" legislation for vehicle control and opens a "meaningful dialogue" about the blunt instrument violence. It's out of control, think of the children, the children!!!!
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    Guess what Gabby Giffords husband bought?

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Mark Kelly. What a total douche bag. Actually, I take that back, douchebags actually serve a purpose. I guess Orwell was right. Busted. Gabby Giffords’ Husband Spews Anti-Assault Weapon Rhetoric Then Caught Buying an AR-15 | The Gateway Pundit
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    Obama Elementary school to close

    Barack H. Obama Elementary to close - Yahoo! News I know that it says in the article that the school has been suffering from lowering enrollment for years and the school would probably have been closed anyway. Too bad there is already another school named after him. I wonder if that one will...
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    Lost dog

    A friend of mine who's apartment was destroyed in the apartment fire behind Food Lion is in need of some help. Her dog was lost during the fire, the firemen said they did not believe it perished in the fire and she has been unable to locate her. She has tried all of the local shelters with no...