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  1. PrchJrkr

    Joe Biden: Make Sure Kids Have their Record Players on at Night

    The last vinyl I bought was Metallica - Ride the Lightening. 😎
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    Speaking of mic drops

    If I had I to do over again, I'd definitely go into politics. What a cushy retirement I'd have...
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    Why Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Up Among Minorities

    She started drinking early yesterday, and by the time this was posted, she was in a self induced vodka coma? :sshrug:
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    CBD oil

    While exploring vaping options to replace my cigarettes, I stopped in the shop at Leonardtown Center to purchase a mod and juice. I had been hearing about the miracles of CBD and decided to purchase a vape pen and CBD crumble. While trying to figure out proper operation and dosing for my pain, I...
  5. PrchJrkr

    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    I never heard of her before this bribe stuff went down. I still couldn't pick her out of a line up. Being TV and cinema free is sometimes a real blessing.
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    Not overcompensating, they're just showing their age...
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    'Demon' baby shocks parents

    Troof! "The dad was there too. He was shocked by the news that she was a girl, because he has two sons and he thought it was going to be another boy." Sounds like old Raleek is gonna have to work a double shift at McDonald's to afford his child support payments. She's 17 years old. I wonder...
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    St. Mary's Co. Asbestos

    One of the buildings I worked at on Pax many moons ago had asbestos tile. I special contractor had to come in and remove it.
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    Reaction to Trump T-Shirt

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    Commerce Secretary threatened firings at NOAA for Contradicting Trump

    Because obama doesn't want that looked at too closely, for fear that the forgery will be exposed for what it is.
  11. PrchJrkr

    Voter ID

    Not that it would ever happen, but I'd like to see voting tied to land ownership. That way voters would have some skin in the game. The entitled are always going to vote for whomever gives them the most for the least effert.
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    In these days of

    Damn, now I want waddymelon...
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    Reaction to Trump T-Shirt

    I sometimes work putting up stock and a sharp box cutter with the company logo isn't something out of the ordinary in my circle. It's always a good thing to have one in your back pocket. :yay:
  14. PrchJrkr

    Blogger SOBS and says 9-5 job 'isn't for her' after her Instagram account is deleted

    All it takes is a little duct tape and a light switch, then it's party time. :dye:
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    March For Our Lives Wants To Overturn Individual Right to Own A Gun

    Of course banning ANYTHING that the government has in their arsenal, kind of goes against the 2nd as the founding fathers intended. If you think it's saying "we the people" can only have muskets and cannons, you are sorely mistaken.
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    Blogger SOBS and says 9-5 job 'isn't for her' after her Instagram account is deleted

    Maybe she should have stuck with prostitution. :sshrug:
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    Straight pride parade shows the left's intolerance

    And, other leftists see their fellow leftists being those things and jump on the cool kids train. I was friends with several leftists in my late teens and early twenties. As I matured and became aware of the world around me, they were stuck in adolescence and spewed the party rhetoric. They...
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    'Secret' voters favored Trump over Clinton 2 to 1

    A yard sign is one thing. It stays in your yard. A bumper sticker or clothing travels with you wherever you go. Mentally unstable people (progressives) can be anywhere and aren't known for controlling their impulses like civilized people do. I think being a conservative in MD is enough reason...
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    Classic View

    :dingding: Sir, I owe you a bier! It's all in my settings. Before my reload, I had tailored my resolution and zoom for various apps and Chrome and Windows working together gave me the view I was used to. :banghead:
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    Classic View

    Maybe I had formatted the page differently at some point. It looked the way it currently does on my phone. The info on the right side of the screen appears at the bottom on my phone so I rarely see it. I'll tinker around. It's not a big deal and you have better things to do with your time. Thanks!