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  1. gemma_rae

    Cat whiskers

    Yes, and like calvcopf said, you need to clean it real good and also put some antibiotic cream on it. A deep puncture wound from anything on a cat is an infection waiting to happen. Keep an eye on it too, you may need to be put on antibiotics also.
  2. gemma_rae

    NASCAR Printable Championship grid
  3. gemma_rae

    Bernie the hoarse.

    Hoarse voice. :lol:Try not to imagine Mr.Ed next time you see him.:deadhorse
  4. gemma_rae

    Bernie the hoarse.

    Rest that throat Bern!
  5. gemma_rae

    Saudi Oil

    "Not quite. The price of oil as we know it is actually set in the oil futures market. An oil futures contract is a binding agreement that gives one the right to purchase oil by the barrel at a predefined price on a predefined date in the future. Under a futures contract, both the buyer and the...
  6. gemma_rae

    Think the Left doesn't want to wage war on Americans?

    Mayors of sh!tholes don't have tanks, nerve agents, or nuclear weapons. So what's the idiot talking about?
  7. gemma_rae

    And then what happened, Grandpa Joe?

    Uncle Joe wasn't very tolerant of Corn Row.:burning:
  8. gemma_rae

    Saudi Oil

    And if their CEO's are left-wing wackos, they will do it just to spite Trump.
  9. gemma_rae

    AOC - predicts Miami will 'no longer exist in a few years'

    Yep. Checked Google Earth.
  10. gemma_rae

    Why Are News Outlets Giving Children a Microphone

    A normal sixteen year old doesn't speak in such terms of imminent death, so you know she is being fed this malarkey. What the real threat to her is, is that she may start believing it herself and act on it. If I thought she was serious I'd want her on suicide watch.
  11. gemma_rae

    AOC - predicts Miami will 'no longer exist in a few years'

    Remember when Tilghman Island was supposed to have been gone ten years ago?
  12. gemma_rae

    NASCAR Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Playoff Race #1

    Jellie much?:shortbus:
  13. gemma_rae

    If you want to see incompetence...

    That's it. I prefer the ocean though, I'm a little saltier.:singer:
  14. gemma_rae

    Dem debate

  15. gemma_rae

    Dem debate

    I didn't see it either, but I read that Uncle Joe kept loosing, or almost loosing, his dentures. Can anyone confirm that?
  16. gemma_rae

    Scrapple potato chips

    I like Scrapple flavored Scrapple.😋 If Frito-Lay was going to do this, I wonder why didn't they flavor Fritos? Scrapple has a lot of corn meal in it so that would have made more sense. But there I go again, rambling about making sense.:lol: You think I'd learn.
  17. gemma_rae

    If you want to see incompetence...

    No, but I have this:
  18. gemma_rae

    If you want to see incompetence...

    No silly, it's Victoria's Secret.:blushing:
  19. gemma_rae

    Best way to watch blacked out Ravens games?

    Have you tried mascara?