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  1. Oysterback

    Cougar vs. Jaguar

    Jag-you-are. '68 XKE, if you please.
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    How many states have you visited?

    I've driven to the lower 48 and flew to Hawaii for several weeks. Alaska is on the bucket list.
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    Hawaii, Can you imagine?

    I was on the Big Island in 1983 when this current eruption from Kilauea started. Maybe I forgot to turn a tap off. Should I go back and check?
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    Go Steny, go!!

    Throw money....just throw money at it. Here I thought this thread was about asking Hoyer to go away. I was going to ask if he could take Van Hollan with him.
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    Grossed out

    The proper Eastern Shore pronunciation is the Olde Elizabethan English accent.........ARE-ster. :buddies:
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    Grossed out

    I think this thread has my name all over it. Raw arsters with beet horseradish is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth. Followed closely by fried, covered in an egg and corn meal mix. Oyster (excuse me, arster) Rockefeller, baked with butter, garlic and spinach is divine. My...
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    Facebook post from a Maryland Patriot

    My ancestry dates back to the Ark and the Dove. I've already bought property in a remote part of West Virginia that I plan to move to as soon as I can afford it.
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    Facebook post from a Maryland Patriot
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    BW Parkway

    Don't give them any ideas. Start to worry when they start shutting down the Interstates......
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    The Mayans forgot all about the calender after the Spanish introduced them to a good pulled pork BBQ. I'm going to celebrate with bacon and eggs for breakfast, a nice ham and cheese sammich for lunch, and perhaps a juicy grilled pork chop for dinner.....
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    Here I thought October 15th was International Bacon Day.....
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    This is from Western Maryland: A New State Initiative Facebook page.
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    NASCAR Gate

    Has no one spoken to Nelson Piquet Jr. about cheating and team orders? He was tossed out of Formula One because he deliberately crashed his car, bringing out a full course yellow, that allowed his teammate to win the race, and ultimately the championship. I'd like to hear what he has to...
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    Repeat after me....."Fox News"....."Tea Party"......"silly talk"......"temper tantrum"...... You have repeated those words and phrases over and over again in your last few posts. Getting lost on the short track? I'm sure having national exposure has brought some interest to their Facebook...
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    6000 today on Facebook. Last week was 1300. Democrats, Republicans and Independents are represented on their page. I think it's gaining traction because it resonates with the population of the region Annapolis ignores. New York, Michigan, Colorado, California and Oregon all have active...
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    It is true that Carroll County is not as rural as it once was, but the families that moved here have similar values as those who already live here. Having those voices and values ignored by Annapolis rubs a lot of people wrong. Right now, the Western Maryland Initiative is an embarrassment...
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    I think it's about citizens being cut out of the process, and having their concerns ignored. I live in rural Carroll County, and with the O'Malleymandering that went on when the Congressional district lines were redrawn, I now have urban areas like Rockville, Takoma Park and Silver Spring in my...
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    Cardin on Gun Control Day after Navy Yard Shooting

    When military bases are "gun free zones", there lies a golden opportunity for any Al Qaeda splinter cell to attack and cause maximum damage in a short period of time. God help us if 15 or 20 well armed men attack a sensitive site protected by only civilian contractors at the gate. Active...
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    Shooter @ Wash Navy Yards

    Last I heard, this country is still at war. Why active military personnel in essentially the Navy's headquarters are not armed, is irresponsible and inexcusable In fact, those actions in disarming military personnel during wartime, border on treason.