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    New York in July question

    We always stay at the New Yorker hotel across the street from Penn Station/Madison Sq. Garden when we visit.
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    Ceiling Fan needs a problem solver

    I had the same problem installing my daughter's with a remote. Turned out the receiver inside the unit wasn't getting signal. Had to drill a small hole in the casing and poke the receiver's little antenna out. It works fine now.
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    Game of Thrones

    The look exchanged between Jaime and Bran at the end of episode 1...
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    Rescreening porch?

    Well, thanks for most of the comments.
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    Rescreening porch?

    Hi folks, our screened in porch is ready to be rescreened. Long Fence, the builders many years ago, came out and gave us an outrageous estimate. Does anyone know of local companies that might come out and give us an estimate? Thanks, Jim
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    What Do You Collect?

    Guitar amps.
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    Your latest "win"!

    Are there any comments regarding the actual information the OP posted?
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    What If?

    What if I didn't have you in a stranglehold?
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    What If?

    What if one ISN'T the lonliest number?
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    So how does that work?

    While it's true that NO most likely would have won the game after milking the clock down and then probably making a chip shot field goal, their defense still gave up the game-tying field goal. Then NO gets the ball first in OT and Brees throws an interception. Sure, the missed pass interference...
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    Renting from the government

    Dang, Mr. Bottorff! Are Kwillia and Bann Parkdale graduates? Me too.
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    Trump’s Cracked Afghan History

    I would truly be interested in what folks think about the president's statements concerning Russia invading Afghanistan.
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    1 of the benefits of travel

    Some of the best Mexican food I've ever eaten was in a restaurant in a lobby of a nothing hotel in Farmington, NM. Some of the worst Mexican food I've ever eaten was in a restaurant in Truro, Nova Scotia. Lesson learned; I'm an idiot.
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    Favorite "B' movies...

    Basket Case.
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    Schumer: ‘There’s No Presumption Of Innocence’ For Kavanaugh [End of the Republic]

    Just for discussion's sake... Teenage drunken groping nearly 40 years ago (if it happened), in my opinion, would not be a reason to keep a person off the Supreme Court. However, IF it happened, would denying it or knowingly lying about it be enough to disqualify?
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    Nike and Kaepernick

    NFL uniform supplier through 2028.
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    You know what we need here?

    Amish bedroom?
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    Serious Space Force discussion

    If you like military fiction novels, check out Dale Brown's later Patrick McClanahan novels. He writes about the US space force in pretty entertaining fashion.
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    Nhl 2017-18

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    Wanna Be a Snowbird?

    To be a snowbird will I have to leave my left turn signal permanently on?