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    Father of Parkland shooting victim: 'Guns didn’t kill my daughter, Democratic policies did'

    The man has a good point. Juvenile records that cannot be obtained in background reports do not stop these criminal kids from getting guns.
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    Saudi Oil

    Trump doesn't need a war to keep him in office, when he has 20 Dildo's running against him and not one of them fit to shine his shoes.
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    Sanders and Warren Plot Their End Run Around the Senate

    Anything that does not give them total control they want to get rid of. That's why they object to the electoral college.
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    Beto O'Rourke hits Pete Buttigieg with expletive-fueled swipe over gun-control comments

    I don't see any difference in any of the Democrat wannabee's. They all are for the same things just some are more rabid than the others. They are all against the 2nd. and 1st Amendments. They all want go give free college, healthcare, welfare, some even want to pay people to sit home. They all...
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    Buttigieg Warns O’Rourke’s Calls For Gun Confiscation Is Playing Into The GOP’s Hand

    Does this "Golden Moment" exist in his mind? I am a part of the American people---at least I think I am---and I don't endorse any of this butt rangers stated policies of red flag laws, background checks which we already have or high capacity magazines. Where is his majority? In his own mind?
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    Schiff's Latest Impeachment Ploy: Intel Official Withheld an 'Urgent' Whistleblower Charge

    It's a sad indictment of our Congress that we have people like Schiff and Nadler as members
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    Whale on Beach in Ocean City

    It isn't that large, just tie a rope around it's tail and drag it off into deep water and let the buzzards of the sea take care of it.
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    New Kavanaugh Smear

    Why is his non-profit unnamed. I would like to be able to avoid any contact with it no matter how small Just what is his non-profit,and what is it's purpose?
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    And then what happened, Grandpa Joe?

    How is this story that is in his imagination supposed to get him a vote?
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    Think the Left doesn't want to wage war on Americans?

    We aren't really sure how many operators of those tanks and other weapons will dessert and come down on the side of the real America instead of the liberal America.
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    "Constitution, schmonstitution. ' KT Harris Cannot Understand the Constitution

    "The idea that we would wait for this Congress, which has just done nothing, to act, Isn't she a Senator? Isn't that a part of Congress? If the Congress has done nothing--doesn't that mean the SHE has done nothing?
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    Saudi Oil

    Of course the spike will come. We may be self-sufficient, but that doesn't mean that U.S,. oil companies won't sell to the highest bidder and short the U.S. market for profit.
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    Bezos Doesn't Care If Employees Die!!!

    If the Democrats have a smart immigration policy why don't they vote on it. Trump has practically begged them to do it?
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    Alyssa Milano: “But isn’t it worth trying?”

    Poor Alyssa. Now that she doesn't get much work she needs something to keep her busy. Maybe she should take up knitting or making quilts.
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    If they are going to add Hijabs, maybe they should have team Burka's too. I don't know anything about the raptors, and this is in Canada and they are weird anyway, but is this really going to help that team to make a buck or will they get a backlash?
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    Hall of Shame. OK Sotomayor and a couple of the others I can see, but why Include Jane Fonda , Gloria Allred,and Angela Davis? 2 Traitors and a Shyster.
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    BBC Tells Schoolchildren There Are ‘over 100’ Genders

    Take your pick, there are two genitalia genders, unless you are born a hermaphrodite. Anything else there is, is a farce.
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    Great Weekend

    The weekend and every day is given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ. some are beautiful, some are not---that's life. Donald Trump is a believer.
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    Skateboard Jesus goes all capitalist

    It is refreshing and delightful to know that I do not personally know anyone stupid enough to buy one of these
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    Speaking of mic drops

    I don't know how Bernie got so rich, but I am pretty sure it wasn't from Socialism.