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    What's going on at GMHS

    It’s on the father’s fb profile, along with this catchy diddy
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    What's going on at GMHS

    Valid point, better to let them be gun nuts who breed psychopaths. ;)
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    What's going on at GMHS

    Shots fired.
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    What's going on at GMHS

    I'm just going to leave this right here.
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    Tree Question

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    Happy Birthday lady.
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    Stupid woman on the 830 applying fingernail polish!!!

    Next thing you know, people are going to have to keep smoke from a barbeque grill in their own yard.
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    Stupid woman on the 830 applying fingernail polish!!!

    Can you provide statistics on the number of people hospitalized from nail polish attacks?
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    Abortion moves to the next sickening phase

    You're a monster that approves of flushing tampons. Chew on this for a minute. Let's take all the aborted "parts" and bury them. Next, we can build a large sandbox on top of the gravesite. Start saving up all of your catch rags and used tampons to play with as if they were dolls in the...
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    Anyone know this person?

    Caspers tryna keep a young upstart brotha down. :lmao: I agree that you shouldn't have to buy one in a perfect world. A world that doesn't exist. There was a time when a good amount of folks didn't lock their homes. I would probably just trash the flyer. At the same time, I wouldn't...
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    Anyone know this person?

    How do you know that it is obviously bootlegged music? More than likely it is but that is speculation.
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    Anyone know this person?

    If your concern is not wanting anyone in your mailbox because of theft, you should buy a locking mailbox. You don't leave the house and car unlocked, do you?
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    Anyone know this person?

    He is a criminal. He commited the brutal federal offense of placing unwanted flyers in the OP's mailbox. What will he do next, tear the tag off a mattress? :burning:
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    White Whines

    That sounds like a job for your future mate. Of course that is after she cleans your messy house.
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    Our universe really is tiny. Mind blown.
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    Dear God...

    Sausage party. :hot:
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    What the hell is wrong with people!
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    Mother creates heartbreaking SANDBOX tribute

    That isn't creepy at all.
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    Oh Jwwb!!!

    itsbob is a visionary or a time traveler. I'm not sure which. I say burn him at the stake. 'Tective man says Daddy Snow stabbed someone down the lane