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  1. StoneThrower

    Local Business Lexington Park Hotel

    Does anyone know if the Naval dormitory later to become the Lexington Park Hotel is where the post office currently sits but closer to the street or on the vacant lot to the left of it, or on the other side of the retaining wall further to the left?
  2. StoneThrower

    Hill's Mobile Home Park

    All, Does anyone know when the former Hill's Mobile Home Park on Great Mills Rd first went into business and when it was converted to open space? I've searched the web and cant find the history of it. Even an educated guess would be helpful as to when it was started.
  3. StoneThrower

    Places To Detect

    All, We are starting a metal detecting club in SOMD and we are looking for a place for our first scheduled club event. Do you have a former Tabaco field that slaves may have at one time harvested, a home over a 100 years old, a farm near Point Lookout, Jefferson Patterson Park or Brooms Island...
  4. StoneThrower

    Metal Detecting Club

    Hi, I am looking for others who are into metal detecting and interested in doing local hunts. I'd also like to start a SOMD club and meet at a local library once a month if there is enough interest. You can contact me @ V/r Jim
  5. StoneThrower

    NMCI Turns off Forums?

    All starting this week I can get to SOMD but not to the forums anyone else having the same issue?
  6. StoneThrower

    Happy Reformation Day

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Reformation Day! It was today that Luther posted his 95 thesis, and started reforms to bring the church back to Biblical Christianity. See Attached soli deo gloria Sadly we are in gross need of some modern day Calvin and Luthers. 95 THESES TO THE...
  7. StoneThrower

    Why Sola Scriptura

    Below is a link for a sermon on Sola Scripture from the Strange Fire Conference Steve Lawson does a great job explaining this! The Puritan Commitment to Sola Scriptura (Anything Else is a Slippery Slope!) Strange Fire Conference
  8. StoneThrower

    Trick Or Treat

    Happy Reformation Day
  9. StoneThrower

    Cool Soverign Grace Tune!

    Songs From the Book of Romans <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. StoneThrower

    History Of Southern

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  11. StoneThrower

    CRC Waste Services

    Does anyone know anything about them? I just recieved a bill from them post marked July 12th but the phone number listed on it is out of service. I pay for twice a week service, and last week they only showed up once. I dont know if I need to get a new service or what the deal is?
  12. StoneThrower

    The Book of Hebrews

    Yesterday when teaching Hebrews chapter 7 a young man asked what does the catholic church do with this do this, of course it was an inappropriate discussion to have, so I said we talk about it offline and then we never did. The question remains, Hebrews 7 makes it very clear that with the new...
  13. StoneThrower

    Purgatory Debate 2010 Part 1 & 2

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  14. StoneThrower

    The Five Solas

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  15. StoneThrower

    Why the regulative principle in worship

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  16. StoneThrower

    Love the fish cartoon in this!

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  17. StoneThrower

    Weird Noise in CRE

    Everyday this week I wake up it sounds like I am in a war zone. There has been a noise all week in the morning, but at night when I come home its gone. Is almost like a pot of water right before it boils, or the whistle of gas on a gas stove before it ignites, or the high band of theses new...
  18. StoneThrower

    Best Indoor Water View Dinning?

    All, I was wondering which restaurants have the best indoor water view dinning in the area?
  19. StoneThrower

    Genius The Movie

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  20. StoneThrower

    Appologies to my RC friends

    All, I want to apologize to everyone in the forum, but especially my RC friends. Although I truly believe the doctrine of their church, if followed to the T, will leave them truly separated from God, my behavior has been inexcusable. I have been feeding off others negativity, the wickedness of...