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    rv sales

    looking to buy a used rv soon. Looking for recommendations on dealers. Don't mind going to Virginia or PA. TIA
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    Memory Bears

    Does anyone sew memory bears? My dad just passed away and I would love to have a few bears made from his favorite shirts for myself and my kids. Thanks in advanced.
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    My daughter, who is 10 and I are looking for a place to take horse back riding lessons together. We would like to ride western. We can do either morning or afternoons during the week. Thank you in advanced.
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    Camera Cleaning

    Can anyone recommend a place to take my digital camera to be cleaned. I have it for a few years. Thanks in advanced.:howdy:
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    Leg Waxing

    Looking for a place that does leg waxing.
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    Trail Ride

    I was wondering if there was any place that offers guided group trail rides? Thanks in advanced
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    Ear Piercing

    My daughter wants to her ears pierced and I was wondering where a good place is take her. Thanks in advanced.
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    Dog Gone at the Tiki Bar

    I want to say a big thank you to the Tiki Bar and staff for holding the Dog Gone Day. Plus a big thanks for everyone who help put it together and all the volunteers for the rescue groups. It was a great day. :drummer::drummer::drummer:
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    I just adopted a border collie and I would love to do herding with her. Does anyone know if is anyone in the area that teaches herding? Thanks in advanced.
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    Free Crop at Southern Community Center

    Happy New Year, I hope everyone had great holidays. I have gotten the room again at the Southern Community Center to work on scrap booking and other crafts. There is no charge for this. Please RSVP the Thursday before the date, so I can save you a spot. Saturday, January...
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    Crop at Southern Community Center

    Need some time to work on scrapbook or other crafts? Then come join me at the Southern Community Center in Lusby on September 27, 2008 from noon till 9pm. There is no charge for this crop, just RSVP to me so I can save you a table.
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    Crop at the Southern Community Center

    Please join me this Saturday for a free crop at southern community center from 12:30 till 9:30. Please email me so I can set up a table for you. No venders, just come and crop or work on other crafts. Hope to see ya, Michelle
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    Where is the best place to see fireworks? TIA
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    Southern Community Center

    I am holding a scrapbooking and craft club at Southern Community Center on the dates listed below. The times will be from 12:30 to 9:30. It is free!!! So if you need time and space to work on your crafts then come join us. Please e-mail so I can save you a table. My email address is...
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    CRE Craft Club Dates

    Here are the next few dates for the CRE Craft club. April 13th from 2 to 8pm May 10th from 11am to 8pm. The cost is $10.00 for the day. Any Questions please feel free to email me. Come met you friends and neighbors and get your crafts done. Lusby Scrapper
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    Up coming crops

    Here is a list of upcoming craft and scrapbooking crops. March 8th at CRE Clubhouse from 11am to 8 pm March 9th is my National Scrapbook day in Prince Frederick from 11am to 8pm, please email for details on this event. April 6th is also another National Scrapbook Day in Prince Frederick...
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    dog Training

    If anyone is interested in obedience classes at Pepper's Pet Pantry there will be having some. Email me for more info I look forward to helping you and your dog have a better relastionship. Michelle :howdy:
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    Up Coming Crops

    Hi There, Here is a few dates of my up coming crops. Any questions or to reserve your spot please email me at February 10th at CRE Clubhouse from 2 to 8pm for $10.00 March 8th at CRE Clubhouse from 11 to 8pm for $10.00 March 9th is National Scrapbook Day in Prince...
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    CRE Craft club

    On January 19 from 11am to 8pm there will be a scrapbook and craft crop at the clubhouse for CRE members and their guest. Please email for me for more information. Come on out and use this great building and meet your neighbors and friends. :howdy:
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    CRE Crop at the clubhouse

    This is for members and their guest to come and scrapbook or work on other crafts. It is $10.00 for the table which you split with your friend. We have refreshments and snacks. Come out and take a break from the holiday season to catch up with friends and work on your scrapbook. Any...