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  1. Justme2

    Traffic Rant Road constrction By Harris Teeter/235 & Rt 4

    So how many more months and accidents are going to happen before they fix the road? Are then putting a media strip are they putting in sewer I see signs of both. What is going on with blocking off lanes on 235 for this? ANYBODY GOT A CLUE? :eyebrow:
  2. Justme2

    ISO Information Fireworks Friday?????

    I heard a rumor Fireworks held over Solomon's Island Friday July 8th????
  3. Justme2

    I don't know if this existed but have to ask!

    So I met up with an old classmate after 30 years Via Facebook. Claims when he was a young teen he grew up here in Southern Md. He is either pulling my chain or telling me the truth but there is no way I would know. OK so he claims there was a bar or restaurant, Inn, Pub that had short 2ft bar...
  4. Justme2

    SO anybody know what shut Rt 4 between Brown rd and Black Smith shop for 3 hrs this week?

    Been looking around on the web might not be looking in the right place.?????
  5. Justme2

    I like this I am sure this really happened??????

    DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY #16-2547: Deputy Y. Bortchevsky was dispatched to Silverton Lane, in Chesapeake Beach, for the report of a destruction of property. On January 12, an unknown male posed as a heating/cooling repairman and rewired the victim's heat pump, causing it to stop working. :elaine:
  6. Justme2

    Lucky Boater

    If any body knows anything about the Choptank river this woman is LUCKY!!!!!!!
  7. Justme2

    This should turn out to be interesting/ Self serve Veip Test
  8. Justme2

    Fleet of Dump trucks VS Stone chips / Broken windshield

    So I was traveling my normal Rt 4 to Rt 5 to Leonardtown Monday around noon. When a dump truck passed me going the other way just at AAA Gravel pit Mulch People etc. WHACK! RIGHT ON THE WINDSHIELD :cussing: Just above the driver's wiper a star. (That we be a $ 100.00 to fix.) And for any body...
  9. Justme2

    What is wrong with some people?

    Are they too SCARED? Do not know any better? Just do not care?
  10. Justme2

    Drunk Mailbox

    My Mailbox must have gone out last night for a good time turned bad. It ended up all beat to crap this morning.:patriot:
  11. Justme2

    Digest this

    OK, You are in a hurry to grab a few things, Ebola or HIV.
  12. Justme2

    So what type of living is this? Besides, Ill, sick or dis ranged.:shocking:
  13. Justme2

    Trooper shoots, kills dog attacking woman/Sad& Small Chuckle

    Officials said Trooper Robert Isabelle was called to a Centreville home around 8 a.m. Sunday, where he found 64-year-old Doris Airey trying to break up two dogs that were fighting. Police said the trooper saw that the aggressive dog, a full-grown pit bull mix, had already bitten Airey. The...
  14. Justme2

    Arizona-Still-Struggling-with-Shipment-of-Foreign-Children /

    What is your opinion? Yes it is a long article. But just skim through it. I copied a paragraph from it i think it will surprise a few. Nora Griselda Bercian Diaz, a mother...
  15. Justme2

    28 Counts of theft and 1 for pot, If I count right.

    So let me get this right Two different times of going to court. Totaling 28 counts of theft and they can not find her now! HMMMMMMM! Wonder why? Why they let her go on her own recognizance twice? :dork...
  16. Justme2

    Prizer wood stoves insert

    My parents have a stove they use to heat the house and cook on. The stove it self is incased in one unit 4 propane burner with a oven under the burners. To the left of the four burner is a wood stove the inside cast iron has buckled and beging to crumble I need to replace the inserts or have...
  17. Justme2

    Interesting/Strange???? Death/Murder?
  18. Justme2

    Capital Credit Allocation/SMECO???/

    Anybody got a layman's definition for this refund on my SMECO bill. That I won't be seeing!!!
  19. Justme2

    Health Ins Problems

    I have been on my wife health insurance for years now. Their company's open enrollment is coming up and we got a letter that if I got access to health insurance at my work open enrollment or not I will be denied benefits with her company. Anybody else got this issue? I bet it has something to...
  20. Justme2

    Fine Upstanding Citizens???? YEA RIGHT! LOL