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    1) The DNC is having a wall built around the Milwaukee Convention Center before the Convention??? A wall???? say it aint so... 2) There have been NO USA flags on stage during the DNC candidate debates??? say it aint so...
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    Solomon’s island phone

    While taking a slow drive through the island this afternoon I made an observation. The summer like weather, calm waterways, were no match for what???? Well, iPhones. Couples, groups, lone strollers all burying faces in phones.... all the scenery, boats, storefronts, nah. Cell phone screens.
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    One more tid bit. 9/11

    Baabaa Waawaa refusing to wear an American lapel pin because she wanted to remain an objective journalist!!!
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    Nauseating Media

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    In these days of

    Snowflakes, symbolizing, is this offensive?
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    A noose at the naval academy!!!!!

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    so Kamela Harris

    made a snarky comment
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    Deadly weapon, not banned!!!

    Deadly weapon that isn’t banned and has killed more than recent wars combined!! Liberals love its kill power!!
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    this is all you need to know about 2020...

    Oprah Winfrey Announces National Tour
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    I identify as...

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    No English major, but...

    Is it just me that noticed the term “diversity” is anything but?
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    WOW, Shasta OBama!!!

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    It makes perfect sense now!!

    I saw this hovercraft land behind a local Starbux this morning!!! I did, I did... and these little wimmin wearing Hillary shirts and some pink foam rubber hats, ( you wouldn’t believe what the hats looked like) ran inside the store and hassled guy with a Trump shirt!!! Why would he be in...
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    Yup, indeed