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  1. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    FYI they are breaking into cars in Golden Beach again. Might want to not leave your valuables in sight. They are breaking in just to steal change. A guy I work with lives just past the signs on the way out of the beach and has security cameras on his house and captured them on tape. It's a dark...
  2. CraneTaker77

    Thefts in Golden Beach

    Just thought I'd get the word out. Saturday night around 2 am, cars were broken into in the beach. A few were cars that were left unlocked, but for the ones that were locked they busted the glass out of them. I know they got cars on Dockser and Beach. So if you live in the beach I would be extra...
  3. CraneTaker77

    Question For A Cop

    Say I walk into a Liquor store and buy a 12 pack of beer. Where is the best place to put it? A guy I work with told me that if your driving a get pulled over. You haven't had one drink, you get pulled over for another reason. If your beer is within reach of you that you can get some kind of...
  4. CraneTaker77

    Carlisle Again

    I know I'm double posting this, I didn't me to post it in the ride section, and I couldn't delete it. I meant to put it in here. Anyways... Anybody going to Spring Carlisle next weekend? It's my first time going, I heard it's pretty huge. I'm gonna have to bring a bit of money with me. Haha.
  5. CraneTaker77


    Spring Carlisle is next weekend...Can't Wait, Anybody else going? This is my first time, heard it's a blast. Definatley taking a chunk of change up there with me.
  6. CraneTaker77

    Soft Paws

    Anyone tried them before? The nail caps that go onto the cat's claws? the boyfriend and I have kitten he's about 7 months old, and he plays with his grandmothers sheitzu(sp). His grandmother is afraid that our cat charlie is going to "scratch the dogs eyes out". Which the cat accidently did get...
  7. CraneTaker77


    My cat Smokey started sneezing tuesday night, when I came home from the pound. I'm afraid he could have a Upper resp infection. but he's just sneezing alot, no runny eyes, eating normal, but he does seem like he's acting odd. he's an inside cat.
  8. CraneTaker77

    Adopted a cat at Tri-County Animal Shelter

    Me and the boyfriend adopted a cat from Tri-County Animal Shelter last week, and went to pick it up from Lucky Ones last night. They brought out the wrong cat. It turns out that the cat that I picked out turned out to be postive for feline aids or the more scientific way of putting it FIV. They...
  9. CraneTaker77

    Dower House Road Shut Down

    For all of you traveling in P.G. County today Dower House Road is shut down Both ways. There was a car full of explosives found that was trying to make it's way to Andrews. I work on Dower House Road and I'm trying to make my way out. So they got it shut down, so the Bomb Squad can do it's work.
  10. CraneTaker77

    Worker killed in Tower Crane Accident

    yet another construction worker killed in crane accident. happened this morning around 9 am in Annapolis. The construction company is Miller and Long. This is like the third or fourth accident this company has had. They were dismantling the crane and he got smashed between the two pieces. looks...
  11. CraneTaker77

    Crabbing Restrictions

    Just read an email from the CCA, about the DNR meeting that was Thursday night and how the Watermen got all bent out of shape. What did you honestly think was going to happen when you over harvest and poach our natural resources. I like crabbing just as much as the next person but come on. You...
  12. CraneTaker77

    Recent Pics

    Old House In Chaptico Life on The Water Chimney View The Country Life Arch at Smithsonian. I just love the color of this stone.
  13. CraneTaker77

    Lens Choices

    I have a Nikon d50 and already have two lenses for it. A 70-300mm and a 28-55mm(I believe). anyways i'm looking to get another lens for it. I shoot alot of landscape/waterscape pictures and was wondering if anyone has any advice on which way to go. I was maybe considering a 24mm. Thanks
  14. CraneTaker77

    Bored at work , So thought I'd post some Pics

    Makes me feel Dizzy Love the Blues in this one I call this the Great Cast "Hide and Seek" Didn't even mean for it to come out like this!
  15. CraneTaker77

    Rough Roads make for an Uneasy commute!

    The roads in P.G. County are getting worse and worse. Everyday I travel to Dower House Road where my work is. And I must say Frank Tippet Road and Rosaryville Road are the most crappiest roads I've driven on in a long time. And I wonder why my truck recently need a front end allignment! I could...
  16. CraneTaker77

    WMZQ Fest?

    Anyone heard anything about WMZQ fest tickets? Whether or not they have went on sale or not? and who's playing this year, I know sugarland is headlining. I looked all over the net and couldn't find no info...
  17. CraneTaker77

    Anyone getting any Bass yet?

    Just curious about whether or not anyones heard anything about the bass biting yet. Main places i go are gilbert run and a few other private ponds