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  1. Tami2red

    ISO Recommendations Registered non-profit that helps women return to the workforce.

    Hello all! I just became the SM at Cato Fashion in California. (Next to the old Kmart/soon to be Hobby Lobby) I need to find a registered non-profit that accepts NEW women's clothing and accessories. Preferably on that helps women get back on their feet and back in the work force. There...
  2. Tami2red

    Recommendations for headliner replacement

    Hi all! I have a 95 Cavalier (Don't laugh, she's only got 150,000 and is paid for! :razz:) I do need to get the headliner replaced though. For obvious reasons, I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on this little project. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  3. Tami2red

    Cell phone signal booster

    So, my boss wants a cell phone signal booster for his weekend home in VA. Of course, it's my job to find the best one at the LOWEST possible cost. (Not the POS things that go on your phone, the ones you use in your home. They look kinda like a modem...) I know NOTHING about bandwidth...
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    Anyone ever heard of/used MOBDRO?

    Has anyone ever heard of or used Mobdro? A friend told me about it for streaming TV on Android devices. I was curious to hear some real life reviews...
  5. Tami2red

    Does anyone know

    Do the courts normally put in place a "No Contact" order without the victim request?
  6. Tami2red

    So turns out my overly aggressive

    SSo turns out my overly aggressive male cockatiel is female. Or so I'm guessing from the batch of eggs....
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    Hey guys! :howdy: So, DH needs a nebulizer. Anyone know where we can get one? Thanks in advance for the help!
  8. Tami2red

    Smoking Gun? Is it legit? Not familiar with it.

    Is this a real website? I'm not familiar with it... Not looking to start a fight just asking if it a legit site or not. Either way, what she did to the girls was reprehensible. Children are OFF LIMITS in a political fight.
  9. Tami2red

    I am so APPALLED by my DH

    And it doesn't mean Dear Husband right now. I LOVE the show Little People. I got home late tonight. (Worked the closing shift) He was asleep (with the remote in his hand as usual) so I put Little People on. It was a show about them renewing their vows. He said and I quote "She'll look...
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    Veterans v. Thug

  11. Tami2red

    Anyone know what was going on in Ridge tonight?

    LEO officers everywhere.
  12. Tami2red

    Interesting night @ work...

    Had a parking lot full of LEO. STM County, State, K9..... The whole nine yards. Claims of assault, Robbery, Rape/assault, plus a few more. Never seen so many men in uniform. Especially in my store! Does anyone happen to know which FB site post breaking news from the scanner?
  13. Tami2red

    RG3 Benched!

    McCoy to start! :yay: *Doin' the Happy Dance!*
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    Hey Vrai!

    DH decided to make waffles today with my 4-in-one grill. He noticed there was a 'pocket sandwich' plate. He says "HEY! This would be awesome for little hand held sandwiches. I wonder how they are made?!' My response... I have a recipe bookmarked. RUNZAS! :killingme
  15. Tami2red

    St Mary's County Woman arrested at BWI on weapons charge
  16. Tami2red

    OMG. I just cut 6 inches off my hair.

    Thinking of cutting another 4 off. Like Christie from Gas Monkey Garage.
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    Just... WOW
  18. Tami2red

    Kevin harvick wins!

    :cartwheel: :dye: :bann: :starcat: :dude: :high5: :getdown: :dance: That is all...
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    I HATE mornings...

    So, I'm not a morning person. Never have been. Yet... I'm wide awake by 3:30 am EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Why? Because when DH is working 7 days a week (he works construction, landscaping, maintenance, etc.) that is what time we (yes, WE) get up. He isn't working FT right now...
  20. Tami2red

    Is anyone familiar with White Glove Drug & Alc Testing?

    I have an appt there this afternoon for my pre-employment test. I have direction which basicall tell me to start on Three Notch and end on Three Notch. Not terrible helpful. It appears to be near the Air Museum. Just wondering if anyone know which building?? Thanx