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    Southern Maryland Ghost Hunters

    Recruitment is still open for the 2013 Season. Interviews have gone great so far. If you've ever wanted to experience the paranormal in a serious manner just drop us a line.
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    New Private Forum Group...

    New private forum called Buddy Lee's Classifieds. All are welcome! Looking to buy/sell something? Check it out!
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    ISO vintage/antique items. My lady and I are small-time collectors/re-sellers. We're looking for old toys, furniture, advertisement, lanterns and so much more. Basically, anything collectible, antique, unusual, unique and old & dirty, we'll be more than happy to take a look at. We love the...
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    Goodbye Zach Morris phone...

    I've finally leapt into the 'now' and bought myself a smartphone, an Iphone4 in fact. I can now relish in knowing just what it is you guys and gals are talking about when you mention, "angry birds" and "words with friends" and the like. So, are there any neat tricks I should know? Any cool...
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    Violence in another Mc Donalds almost kills

    Everyone knows McDonalds is bad for your health. - Violence in another Mc Donalds almost kills customer People are interesting.:coffee:
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    OJ Atogwe a Redskin

    Press Release: REDSKINS SIGN OSHIOMOGHO ATOGWE Good deal. Now they can focus on the lines and linebackers.
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    End of an era...

    ...albeit a crappy one. Clinton Portis released today. Not a big surprise as he was a big cap hit.
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    What a joke...

    qJSnozJ4LVg&feature=spotlight It's no wonder little is done.
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    SNF - Giants @ Eagles

    Should be a doozy. I think the Giants defense puts Vick in his place.
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    NFL's top 100 players of all time...

    1. Jerry Rice 2. Jim Brown 3. Lawrence Taylor 4. Joe Montana 5. Walter Payton 6. Johnny Unitas 7. Reggie White 8. Peyton Manning 9. Don Hutson 10. Dick Butkus You can see the whole list here. | NFL Top 100 | Tracker Debate! Sammy Baugh comes in at #14. I thought he...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Who is getting this game on November 9th? This title will focus on the Cold War. Solid multi-player, crazy single player and all new zombie co-op. Can't wait! Call of Duty: Black Ops - Coming 11.09.10
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    The Decaying Remains of Tony Romo

    NFL Memes: The Decaying Remains of Tony Romo :lmao:
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    Parachuting Into Michigan Stadium with the 101st

    #### that.:lol: That was pretty cool though. Much different perspective. The guy was very precise. YouTube - Parachuting Into Michigan Stadium with the 101st Airborne Division
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    McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for si

    McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months | The Upshot Yahoo! News - Yahoo! News I'm lovin' it.
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    Who's ready for hockey season?!?

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    18 game season, done deal - Adam Schefter

    This will be interesting. More players on the roster, less pre-season, two more weeks of misery for Skins fans.:lol:
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    Horned goats v. Skins

    Not a good start. Graham Gazaam kicks it out of bounds. Steven Jackson runs roughshot.
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    It's here! Saints v. Vikings

    Who ya' got? I've got the Vikings covering.:popcorn: