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    Westboro Baptist Church Meets It's Match
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    Calvert County Schools Are Closed 12/17

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    Road Closures In Calvert County

    Just got this from CCPS For your information, this is a list of road closures in Calvert County that we received from the Calvert County Control Center. Gunsmoke Trail from Rawhide to Tomahawk Tomahawk Trail from Gunsmoke to Sidewinder Mill Bridge Rd at the bottom...
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    Deadly Charm

    I don't remember this... Authors relate story of convicted county killer in 'Deadly Charm' • Local ( - The Capital)
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    Calvert Scanner ~ Volume

    Is it just my system or is the Calvert scanner volume really low?
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    CCPS ~ After School Activities Cancelled

    Calvert County Public Schools: Status and Alert Page
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    women revenge | Mail Online :lmao: The lineup is hilarious!
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    Gi Captured

    Insurgents capture GI in Afghanistan - Afghanistan-
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    MVA Route 4 and Sixes Road

    Car vs 4-wheeler
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    MVA Route 4 Between Walton Road & Plum Point

    Vehicle overturned... over the guardrail.
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    Accident ~ Prince Frederick

    North of hospital on route 4, two school buses and a vehicle. Buses do have children on them.
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    Men And Holiday Decorating

    The wife has been on my case to get the Christmas lights up for a couple of weeks. Well, they're up now and for some reason she won't talk to me!
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    Possible Stabbing Green Turtle Prince Frederick

    Call came in as possible stabbing behind the Green Turtle. Male, unresponsive and bleeding.
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    Motorcycle Accident

    Fatal ~ Rousby Hall Road & Chestnut
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    Fire At BJ's Variety Store HG Truman

    Fire At DJ's Variety Store HG Truman Working building fire at DJ's Variety Store.
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    Historic Dorsey Home To Be Torn Down

    There is an article in today's Calvert Recorder. Home was considered an architectural masterpiece! Who knew.
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    Stolen Beef

    Yuck Health alert issued after beef stolen - More health news -
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    Shooting in White Sands

    Woman called said her son had been shot.
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    Skinners Turn Accident Takes Another Life

    This story just got sadder... if thats possible. Ryan the brother of Ali Purvis has died from his injuries. Thoughts and prayers to the family of these two beautiful children.
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    Accident Route 4 & Skinners Turn Road

    There's an overturned car at Route 4 & Skinners Turn Road South bound, four people trapped only one has been extricated at this time. They have called for two helo's and two ambulances.