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  1. Brucebwb

    Looking for old junk/dump sites

    Just looking for anyone who knows or has any old junk/dump sites. Me and my brother enjoy searching in and around old dump sites. Also we remove any black widows or copperheads which we find quite frequently in these old dump sites. Just send me a message if you have or know of any old...
  2. Brucebwb

    2 Weeks off in October......Vacation Idea's???

    I have two weeks of vacation coming up in mid October. Anyone have any good vacation spots My interest are Beaches, Mountains, Outdoors, Gold Mining and just relaxing in general. Thanks
  3. Brucebwb

    Snake Removal

    Good Morning Southern Maryland! I'm looking for anyone with lots of junk piles and/or debris (Wood, shingles, siding, etc.) on their land and wouldn't mind me looking through it to safely remove snakes from your property. I know some people enjoy snakes like the Black Rat Snake and...